View Poll Results :Are you afraid of a Nuclear Holocaust?
YES 8 36.36%
NO 14 63.64%
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October 22nd, 2004  


Right now, Iran and North Korea are pursuing nuclear weapons. If they do, then South Korea, Japan, and Saudi Arabia will follow suit. Within ten years, many more nations + terrorists will have nuclear capability. I don't know about anyone, but I'm predicting something big is going to happen within the next ten years.
October 22nd, 2004  
Not really, no.

I don't see any one state launching a nuclear weapon at anyone, for it would be suicidal for that state. You could always argue perhaps that, one of the Islamic countries could have a loony leader and decide to make that country one big Martyr land in order to destroy their enemy, but it's not likely.

Don't get me wrong, I'm very cautious of the middle-east and asia.

Just not that particular scenario.

I very well doubt Iran will freely be able to equip themselves with a nuclear missle, or even if they did, I suspect they would not have it for long...

As for South Korea and Japan, who knows.... maybe.

Saudi Arabia- definately not. The US would be in a fit if they even said the word "nuclear".
October 22nd, 2004  
Yes. It's going to spoil a lot of things and lives.

And it isn't fun if the blast didn't kill you.

If living in PEACE time is stressful enough,
what about living after a Nuclear Holocaust?
October 22nd, 2004  
I would think any sane man would be afraid of a nuclear war..... If it was to ever happen and god hopes it doesn't I want a quick death... DO NOT WANNA STAY ALIVE AFTER THE BLAST.
October 22nd, 2004  
just liking chasing women, its dangerous.
October 22nd, 2004  
It is public police that if India invades Pakistan then Pakistan will nuke India.

So it is possible nukes will explode in future.

Note there are many kinds of nukes, especially the small tacticle nuke like neutron nuke.
October 22nd, 2004  
I'm not afraid of a nuclear war, because if it happens, there is nothing i could do about anyway
October 22nd, 2004  
Rufus Excalibur
If there were reports of an impending nuclear detonation and you witness thousnads of people fleeing away from the target, may I suggest that you simply head where they have come from.

I would far prefer instant vapourisation than a slow and painful demise surrounded by zombie like mutants.

Sad to say, but a nuclear explosion is 99% certain within the next 5 years. Bush and Blair have been warned by the CIA and MI6. International border checks are pointless, if I were the organisation attempting to denonate a device, then I would set it off in a boat off the east coast of the states or between the UK and France. I am not an expert on Tidal Waves, but I would expect that the devastation would be total.

'We have ceased to be a nation in retreat' Margaret Thatcher 1982
October 22nd, 2004  
Red Army you are right, something big will happen in the next 10 years no question about it. People that play in rigged games get stupid because they dont have to perform, thats all.

Was it not the UN that told the world that there was no nuclear weapon devices in Iraq? Mr Blix? Well on the news last weak there were suddenly missing components and entire buildings in Iraq. Well I say.... "DoH!"


October 22nd, 2004  
Rufus Excalibur
Perhaps it is a conspiracy!!

Two schools of thought.

1. Deny there is a problem and that wepaons grade material is as easily available as toothpaste. Therefore when the nuke goes off no one will be expecting it and will have panicked before it happens.

Why this approach? - Why worry the public about something they can have no control over.

2. USA/UK school of thought.

To alert the public to the clear danger so as to not be held responsible when all hell breaks loose, but not to go as far as to say it is inevitable


If you live in NYC, Washington, London, Boston or Phildadelphia, either move 200 miles away or get the black tie and evening dress out of the wardrobe, have a bottle of 1960 Single Malt whisky to hand a large cigar.
As the blast rolls towards you stand to attention, cigar in one hand, scotch in the other whilst singing the Star Spangled Banner are God Save the Queen depending on if your a Brit or a Yank.