The New Ranger "Rule"

June 13th, 2003  

Topic: The New Ranger "Rule"

You guys have to check this out, Dav Hackworth wrote it a couple weeks ago and it really strikes a key issue with training and discipline. Lemme know what you think...
June 13th, 2003  
wow, i can't believe that, i hope the guy is mistaken. one of my buddies is going to ranger school this summer, so i guess i'll find out how it is then, and our sergeants are, for the most part, all ranger qualified, so we should have some comparison.

if it is true, it will just be another example of our society going too far. i'd go into this more, but i just remembered that we're not supposed to give our opinions when we have identified ourselves as cadets (or any other active military personel). but i think you know what i mean.
June 13th, 2003  
What the H..l is going on

I do really hope that this is not right.

But sadly this seems to have become the reallity in several countries today..
I think it may be the increased focus on peace keeping missions that is to "blame" for this.
"Peacekeeping is not a job for soldiers, but only soldiers can do it"
- Dag Hammarskjöld,
the second
Secretary-General of the United Nations
The soldiers is used more and more as policemen and humanitarian workers abroad, and I think it's good thing for the "regular soldier" to have a more "humane" attitude when facing situations/missions like this..
Emptying your entire clip into a crowd of women and children is not good procedure....

But special operations soldier is a complete different situation.

I don't think the Norwegian SOF's has had any incidents like this (yet!?), they are still extremelly professional units.
But it's a very closed and "secret" community, and not many outside the SOF community knows much about them.
And I think that's a very good thing.
Read about the Norwegian Special Forces here:

We have seen too many examples where media has f...ed up good units, by giving them bad media coverage..
June 13th, 2003  
It is a real shame, and my worry is that this will lead into the development of less reliable soldiers, because of the lack of discipline.
June 15th, 2003  
It's a damned shame and it's frightening that it's starting to take root among the Rangers, one of the most revered units of the Army. Reading what Hack's got to say is very enlightening, and scary as hell at the same time. I hope it doesn't degrade even worse by the time I enlist. The day when a sergeant can't belt out the musical quality of his profanity in his guidance of soldiers is a very bleak day indeed for the esprit de corps of the military soul.

Jesus, my scoutmaster swears like the dickens right in front of the boys in my troop, a good deal of whom just started middle school. And there's no big problems there.

What's the world coming to?
June 15th, 2003  
I think we've seen it in society too, once there is a lack of discipline, things start to unravel, we really need to cut the political correctness or these boys are gonna end up in front of a muzzle and not know what to do.
July 28th, 2003  
Mark Conley
well...i sure as hell wouldnt want to be next to anyone that hadnt been stressed tested..even in the Air Force we have seen the young walk in with untested little attitudes that their TIs couldnt get to the top and eliminate due to the non-stress methods they use in basic training.

I think that General doesnt want to be guarded by a Ranger group thats been yelled at..he can have my young-uns..
July 29th, 2003  
got a very apt saying for this topic:

"The hammer shatters glass but forges steel."
-Russian proverb
March 17th, 2004  
God, I hope that this rule doesnt stay in affect
March 18th, 2004  
Ignorance and stupidity continues to rise. What the heck happened of common sense? The whole point of the training is to keep soldiers alive. If a ranger cant handle the training they have no right to be there.