Is my RE-4 code changeable? *Unique situation*

October 15th, 2013  

Topic: Is my RE-4 code changeable? *Unique situation*

If someone could provide me with the most honest answer possible I would appreciate it. I was USN Aircrewman and was discharged back at the end of 2008. I was injured aboardship, and through a lengthy process of being on light limited duty for 4 months and many medications, they discharged me with a general under honorable with an RE4. It took a whole year to change my discharge to an honorable which I should have gotten and also had gotten a physical from a civilian doctor shortly after I had gotten out and checked out 100% ok. I had no patterns of misconduct or misbehavior while in the Navy, just got dealt a crappy hand. My RE4 code is still out there even after they changed my discharge which doesn't make any sense. I consulted with the military liason officer back home at my senators office to get this RE4 changed so I can re enlist. We sent in all the necessary paperwork along with a detailed description of no proper and concrete diagnosis of what was really wrong. I never broke Naval policy and it was never my intention to ever get out, I would still be serving my country if I wasn't improperly treated at my command. Thanks for your time.
October 15th, 2013  
I would say that your time would be better spent asking the USN.

No matter what opinion anyone ventures on this forum, it will be the USN who will have the final say.
March 8th, 2017  

Topic: Same thing

I am going threw almost the same situation the board of corrections are useless but re 4 codes are given for medical discharges that are permanent so contact the legion and they have people that will fight on your behalf. My situation is and I'm trying to contact the legion as well. I would love to rejoin the brotherhood.

I was wondering if someone can give me info I looked over the whole internet and navpers sites. My DD 214 says Honorable but my old reserve center refused to transfer me to a different center after I moved from PA to VA. After 3 months of getting the run around telling me to contact the de-tailer and him telling me to contact my NOSC and even contacting the NOSC in VA they discharged me with a General discharge with honorable conditions and an RE 4. I sent all the paperwork to the board of corrections and they still said it was a justified RE code. Does anyone know how to contact someone to help me. Im looking for sympathy just some help if anyone can help or send me on the right path that would be greatly appreciated. I joined in 2002 spent 4 years on a ship then went reserves because my rate was locked up and then did 5 years with the seabees and spent time in afghan all of 2010 then I was stuck with this sh**.

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