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November 24th, 2010  
The BAR was used to snipe. Chamber one round, and use ingenuity to create a telescopic sight.
There were occasions when the .50 mg was used as a sniper rifle. 1000 meter kills in Vietnam, the previous wars the events were "undocumented." Neither weapon was "official" although the targets are officially dead.

The 30/06 is now coming back, as the US is adopting the M-14 again for certain purposes. The M-14 is an M-1 rifle with a magazine and a selective fire mechanism. My opinion, worth what is is, is that the current range of assault weapons are underpowered bullet hoses.

The BAR needed two features: A way to change a hot barrel quickly and either a bigger magazine or a belt feed. For what it was, a SAW, it was very good. It could have been better.

The MP44 was the first assault rifle. It was very good in it's day, and created a trend.

If I had a choice on which weapon I'd trust my life to in combat, I'd take the BAR. I've carried an M-16 and humped a '60. I wanted an M-14, but that was logistically impossible. I like the heavier bullet and the more powerful cartridge. I liked the accuracy and the range, but I was able to consistently hit targets at 250 meters.
I know a lot of good soldiers who liked the M-16, the lighter system and more rounds.

Of course, most soldiers seldom get a choice.
November 28th, 2010  
Korean Seaboy
Although I'm an ignorant civilian, I'd always like to offer a thought to demonstrate my foolishness and make people correct me.
I think the MP44is a close range weapon, as the Germans realized that close-range submachine guns were really effective in urban areas, as they realized in Barbarossa. So if I were in Stalingrad, Moscow, Berlin, Leningrad, or any other city, the MP44 would be my best friend
The Bar was a capable rifle (to say the least) and was effective for more ranged combat. That's all I know as I prefer submachine guns and are far more interested in them
November 28th, 2010  
M-14 is 7.62NATO(3.08). The Johnson Light Machine Gun was better than the BAR, but Johnson pissed off the Army Brass by pushing the M1941 too agressively, so only a very limited # were purchased.