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July 12th, 2004  
Originally Posted by Damien435
I would have to say it was Ancient Greece under Alexander the Great
I think Alexander was Macedonian and his father conquered Greece. So it was Macedonia with the "help" of greeks who did the conquering. 8)
July 14th, 2004  
Young Winston
Having the most powerful military and economy ever, the US, no worries. :P
July 14th, 2004  
I think after Mongol Empire, it should be the former "Great Britain" with the superior guns. One 100 warriors on horses with swords cannot defeat a squad of British soldiers with guns

But Mongol warriors should get the most credit, they conquered the world on horses with swords not machine guns
July 14th, 2004  
I say the Roman Empire. They had a massive empire that controlled nearly half of the known world for almost a millenium protected from invaders and barbarians by one of the most elite armies of the ancient world.
July 14th, 2004  
I would have to go with britain as it controlled 1/4 of the world at the start of the 20th century, without britain colonising america the USA would not be as it is today, it defeated france and spain on many occasions around the world, it left english as one of the worlds most spoken languages, it had a stable empire through many centuries, it had a highly disciplined army and navy, was the first nation to have a stand alone airforce!

After britain i would have to go rome!
July 14th, 2004  
Mark Conley
[quote="FlyingFrog"]...I think after Mongol Empire, it should be the former "Great Britain" with the superior guns. One 100 warriors on horses with swords cannot defeat a squad of British soldiers with guns .../quote]

The joke was on the British when their bullets ran out at Islandwanda, Natal Province, Africa. 1400 soldiers ran into 30,000 Zulu warriors armed only with shields and spears...and the british died in their little squares to almost the last man.

Don't know if horse would have allowed the british to have gotten out of that one or not.

Then of course, in american history, 240 US soldiers armed with weapons and ammunition bought from the lowest bidder were no match for 4000 Indian warriors that could at least steal decent weapons and ammunition to wipe out the soldiers...
July 15th, 2004  
:::::Little Off Topic:::::

First of all pretty much ingage in war they dont need to have it pass through everything. A president can send how ever many troops to say Sudan for a "policing action" like vietnam which everyone knows wasnt a policing action. I have no idea why america has this "superhero" status considering in the next 10 years are economy is going to be woth because the Euro is becomming more valuable then the american dollar.
July 17th, 2004  
"If the United States wanted, we could have had almost total world dominance after World War II. However, since we are not like the Romans or Age of Imperialism Brits, we decided to give the land back. "

Major problem when a major nation has a major delusion of power.

I agree with the notion of the Roman empire being one of the most influential of it's times. Considering how vast it got (for it's time, you still had to send men from one end to the other to communicate!) and how much it accomplished before the dark ages began.

However, I'd say ranked up there would also be Natzie germany. This is due to the fact that a little nation like germany managed to pull out of eneconomic debt to well, about half the world, and then become a major threat to the rest of the world that was barely stopped.
July 19th, 2004  
i would go with Britian , i man from historical accounts iv heard britian controled 25% of the worlds population of the time they not only had the most powerfull navy ,they also had one of the best trained armys around and only a few hundred held on to there colonies against spanish and freanch attacks, they also made the world what it is today, english is spoken the world over and it the language of bussines the formaer empire now consists of the most richest contries in the world ,and all this was done in 3 centuries. now if that isnt great i dont know what is
August 6th, 2004  
Although the British Empire is impressive, I would have to cast my vote for the Roman Empire. My reason:
1.) They controlled as much of the world as the wanted to control.
2.) They lasted 1000 years, which is historically unheard of.
3.) They were so far superior to every power that existed during their time of dominance, its simply crazy. (By the way, i think someone said one of these was the Mongols. The Mongols were in the 1200's, well after Rome power.)
4.) They were absolutely unquestioned rulers of all they decided to dominate.