More restrictions on SOF....

August 20th, 2003  

Topic: More restrictions on SOF....

Found this yesterday at, read it at

Its a bunch of crap if you ask me, cause the real reason to use SOF and quick reaction forces like the Rangers is speed and surprise, and when you take the extra time to go to congress to have to convince some of these far-left lawmakers that what your doing is in the country's best interest, the terrorist or whoever is gonna get away.
February 11th, 2004  

Topic: agree

Why do we have to wait if we know that the bad guys are there. We should go in and attack immediately.. They might have intel and a plan might be forming to attack on U.S. soil.
February 12th, 2004  
This is pretty old, back from last August and almost immediately after it was printed and circulated, it was rebuffed. This has blown over long ago, no changes were made.
February 12th, 2004  
Thats a relief. If it happened it would defeated the purpose of SF.