Medical Questions

May 15th, 2019  

Topic: Medical Questions

About a year ago my brother and I were speaking with our recruiter for the United States Marines and we were going to go to Parris Island together. Due to the medicine celexa and ativan (I took ativan to sleep), MEPS decided that I needed to wait three years before I could enlist. My brother is a recently graduated marine now Anyway, after speaking with my recruiter this week she is going to see what the current doctor thinks about me having to wait three years. I have been off of my medicine for a year now. Are the chances of that decision changing slim to none? I am also interested to see about any waiver experiences with knee surgeries? I had a small knee surgery done five years ago and I never have any type of issue with my knee whatsoever. My dream in life is to be able to serve as a Marine and I can not wait until (I hope) my day comes.

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