Linebacker Ops: 1972-73

September 16th, 2011  
The Creature

Topic: Linebacker Ops: 1972-73

I have been looking into the history of the US Navy rating of "EW" and haven't found much. It seems that the rate was merged with "CT" ratings of all sorts in 2003. In my search, I ran across a discussion relating to an incident involving the USS Sterett. It seems that the "EW's" on the ship picked up an electronic signal that they associated with a "Styx" surface to surface missile site. This happened during the Linebacker II Ops in the VietNam War April, 1972. Two Terrier missiles were fired at and brought down the missile.

My ship USS Bordelon DD-881 was involved in the same type of operations during Dec, 1972 and Jan, 1973. My equipment aquired a similar signal. I about crapped my pants when the land based signal went from (navigational mode to target aquisition mode). Another ship in the area fired on my booge and I lost the signal shortly thereafter. If there is anyone out there that remembers anything about that time frame, I would like to chat with them and learn more about it. Later, Jim

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