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December 18th, 2010  
Well, I get your point, but what about this conclusion?

The conclusion should be that mechanized weapons are evil, they gave the Germans the ability to take over whole countries in a few days.

While if we had an all infantry doctrine in our military forces, their capabilities would be limited and so their ability to do wrong things...

You always think like "we can do it, so let's do it." and if we ask why, you tell us "or our enemies would do it first and then we would be toast..."

All these big weapons arent made for defense, for justice or anything good and constructive, they are made to give a few the ability to kill the many.

And there you have it, dictatorship.

I just hope that someday there will be a technological revolution that would make tanks and other aircrafts obsolete...
Like some awesome light anti-armor weapons and man portable detection/target acquisition tools and anti-air missiles...

Then, maybe that our bright military minds will think that these death machines are useless...
And then they will start training people and preparing them to defend their own lives rather than to count on professional soldiers/officiers like the knights/lords in medieval times...

I personnally loved the crossbow... Gave the peasants the ability to kill a heavy armored noble... Aint that democracy?
But now, some fools made armored vehicules and machine guns... Then we had god damn genocides...
December 18th, 2010  
You add absolutely nothing to this forum but trash. You go completely off topic on every thread that you touch. I think you are bitter because you are too much of a coward to join the armed forces or Jihad so you try to twist everything "military" into some form of evil taboo. Go back to that closet that your parents locked you in as a's safer there. Crossbows? Really? Being anti military is fine, but at least use some common ****ing sense.

"I just hope that someday there will be a technological revolution that would make tanks and other aircrafts obsolete...
Like some awesome light anti-armor weapons and man portable detection/target acquisition tools and anti-air missiles..."

We are going to be fighting with lightsabers, laser pistols, and photon torpedos right?
December 18th, 2010  
"I just hope that someday there will be a technological revolution that would make tanks and other aircrafts obsolete...
Like some awesome light anti-armor weapons and man portable detection/target acquisition tools and anti-air missiles... "

The race between protection and fire power has been going on for thousands of years, and will probably not end for many more, new protection systems last till a new weapon is introduced that can defeat them, only to be followed in some case by the opposite.

And the technologies of warfare have evolved with them, there are whole industries that are centered around that simple delema all around the world, I don't see the disappearance of mechanized forces any time soon, and if so, I would hate to see the devastating replacing combat units and the tools they would use to replace them.

As for anything else, I will comment on the topic here but not get all tangled in philosophy, even though it's what this thread must be about? .....wait?....Is it?

I mean there is a lot of mentioning of human existence and nature? And its easy to see that when asking a simple preference question you must brush the dust off the books of reason and yore and quote famous philosophers and have to wage a holy battle for our reason of exsistance when in simple eveyday discussions.

I had to do that this morning when discussing what style of syrup or glue I like to chug for money in city parks...
December 18th, 2010  
Big_Z, you are very limited in the way you see things.

There is many people who speak about nuclear weapons saying that they are too powerful and that mankind shouldnt have taken that path.

Why cant we say the same about tanks? Or about machine guns? or about artillery?

And I'm bored with the easy answers.

One will say "armor cant cross mountains, but a soldier on foot can..." yeah sure... What else?

And the other, give us the obvious answer. "I love armored vehicules, they can carry heavy things like big weapons, and I dont like to walk carrying tons of equipment. And I like to go to war and feel safe behind a steel wall, so I can shoot my enemies without giving them a chance to kill me."

What a retarded answer... Go say that to a French soldier in WWII when he had German tanks rushing toward him...

Today, you have armor as an advantage for you. But what if tomorrow some enemy comes rolling in your back yard with better armored vehicules?

Then, your opinion will change...

Call me a coward if you want, like I care. You are silly.

You are the coward here. You refuse to think, you are scared of the world. It's easy to be brave inside a tank or inside some stealth bomber...

And Yossarian, it's never a bad moment to pull out dusty philosophy books...

War does not determine who is right, only who is left.
George Bernard Shaw

The religious nut jobs who say that only god gives victory are wiser than these heartless technicians we use today in warfare.

You are so focus on how to wage war that your forget about the why, the when, the against who and how to tell if it was done right...
December 18th, 2010  
"Big_Z, you are very limited in the way you see things. "

Okay, your not talking to the folks that deal with things like this everyday, your the all knowing god that descended from the heavens, oh master of intellect, sent to educate all the servicemen and women of the various infantry units, of past and still serving and training and fighting today on everything they thought they knew, cause surely they must be oblivious to modern military tactics and unit composition, and all the hours they must have spent training and working and fighting in those fields must have not left the slightest impression on them, since you must be the reincarnation of every philosophical and military genious all rolled up into one wise body, and are here to re educate the professionals about EVERYTHING. Because they must certainly all be utterly clueless about their jobs and doctrine there of, you certainly must be more qualified then them...

You certainly have more wind, I can say that.
December 19th, 2010  
Yossarian, think carefully.
We are not talking about military tactics here. I'm talking about the military opinions...

It's fine if you have a hammer, but if you start to see nails everywhere, then you have a problem...

Military training can prepare you for warfare, but I doesnt make you a scientist, a surgeon or a philosopher.
If I show you how to use a rifle, you will be a man capable of using a rifle. It wont make you a military thinker.

And I'm sorry, but respect for the service men/women is one thing... But damn man, they are not holy cows we cant contradict or oppose... They are just men and women.

I dont like all these all mighty war machines... They are a source of corruption for mankind.

I prefer to trust defense maters to strong men with light and accurate weapons and use human intelligence... than to put these strong men in bed with industrial SOBs and their silly products...
December 19th, 2010  
People, let's remember the tile and theme of this thread:
Originally Posted by Duty, Honor Country
Light Infantry vs. Mechanized Infantry

Which do people prefer, light or mech?
nothing else. This is not an argument about which is better in what role or task. Which do you prefer. That's all. Period, end of story.
December 20th, 2010  
I prefer light infantry.
Light infantry base its skills on a human factor. They are REALLY on the ground, they can speak with locals, and the locals can put a face, a voice on the military presence in the area.
They carry light weapons so their firepower is limited.

While mechanized units use big scary weapon platforms. They cost tons of resources. They are a really symbol of the war of the rich against the poor...
They are fast, and it means that they can come fast and run away fast to let civilians behind to live with the wrongdoers.
And if people with bad intents get their hands on these tools, it would be a real nightmare to take them out.
December 20th, 2010  
I have served in both and I definitely prefer Mechanized. It is not as physically tough as light infantry. Ironic really that we call it light when actually the individual soldier has to carry much more and heavier loads than other units. Everything you need to fight and survive you must carry yourself which is relatively hard (especially when you also need to have a lot of water with you) if youre not in top condition.

Personally Im happy for the protection that an APC, after all, gives you. And one great advantage is that there is air-condition in some vehicles which makes you feel refreshed and ready if you come in TIC.

But; I prefer to be where I am now; in recce.
December 20th, 2010  
Isnt this more of a question about terrain? Light infantry is better in specific areas. An example, the operation Anaconda in Afghanistan. In the mountainous areas, the light infantry has an advantage, even in tropical and urban areas. In urban areas, the IFVs and MBTs can provide fire support. Like they did in Faludja, when the Marines went in after the killing of four PMCs. The mech units are better for the terrain there they can use their IFVs and the MBTs. Such as the two gulf wars. Both are good, it all depends what the mission is and where it is.

Take care,