You know your from Jokes

You know your from Jokes
June 11th, 2005  

Topic: You know your from Jokes

You know your from Jokes
I'm from Georgia but you can go find where your from here:
Make sure you post where your "you know your from" jokes

You know you're from Georgia when...
Sweet tea is THE drink. No questions.

You've thought about getting a blow-up companion for the front passenger seat.

If a single snowflake falls, the city is paralyzed for three days, and it's on all the channels as a news flash every 15 minutes for a month. All the grocery stores will be sold out of milk, bread, bottled water, toilet paper, and beer.

When a waitress asks what you want to drink and you say Coke, she asks "What kind?"

"Ya'll" is a word.

You know you're not allergic to pollen, because if you were - you'd be dead already.

You give directions that include the phrase, "When you see the Waffle House."

Atlanta is known as "The City."

You know the difference between a hillbilly, a redneck, and a Southerner.

The one way to be killed in .5 seconds is to talk about somebody's mama or talk bad to somebody's mama.

Krispy Kreme dounuts are the only kind of dounuts you eat.

Fried chicken is a major part of your diet.

When the Goverment started telling people to stock up on duck tape, you were waaaaaaaaaay ahead of them.

You walk into someone's house and people are sitting around smoking what they call "the garden"

You only drink Coke or Diet Coke - drinking Pepsi is blasphemy.

On one side of the road there's Wal-Mart and on the other is a cotton field

You greet people with "Hey ya'll, Whachudoin?"

You know what a 'dawg' is. Come on who doesn't

You know people who consider a six pack and a bug zapper quality entertainment.

The directions to your house include "turn off the paved road."

Your dog and your wallet are both on chains.

You still call the refrigerator the "icebox".

You call it a cold Christmas if you don't break out in a sweat in your new sweater.

Your whole town completely shuts down for 1 inch of snow or just the threat of snow

You know at least three streets named "Peachtree"

The last thing you want to do is give another driver the finger... unless your car is armored, your trigger finger is itchy and your AK-47 has a full clip.

It is not a shopping cart, it is a buggy.

People actually grow, eat and like okra!

Everyone you know is either Baptist or Methodist.

You actively look out for deer whenever you drive at dusk.

You have or you know someone who has accidentally hit a deer.

You know that guy who sits in the recliner in the back of his pickup.

Panama City Beach is the big deal.

Rebel flags are the predominant car decoration.

You understand that at least once a year your car will turn yellow with pollen.

You knew all the cops in town, because they are somehow related to you or you know their family.

You know at least one Bubba, and maybe a few guys named Bo.

All the real concerts are in Atlanta.

Wal- mart is the cool place to go in the middle of the night.

You say "tuna fish sandwich."

Anyone who orders a "pop" must be a dork. It's a Coke, silly!

You know all the latest country music songs, naturally. Even if you hate country music.

You took class field trips to Chehaw park and tried to pet the wild peacocks.

Doesn't everyone own a Laborador Retriever or two???

You use "Sir" and "Ma'am" if there's a remote possibility that person you're talking to is least 30 minutes older than you are.

You know to wear sneakers to the airport.

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Ga.
June 11th, 2005  
I'm for Georgia also.

Though I took refuge in Carolina, lol but that does describe my family.
June 14th, 2005  
You Know You're From Ontario When...
"Vacation" means going to Barrie for the weekend.

You know several people who have hit deer more than once.

You often switch from "heat" to "A/C" in the same day.

You use a down comforter in the summer.

You think of the major food groups as deer meat, fish, and berries.

There are 7 empty cars running in the parking lot at the Canadian Tire store at any given time.

Your provincial capital calls in the army to help clean up after a snow storm.

Your $400,000 Toronto home is actually a dump

You, and you, alone decide who will win the federal election

You're in the only province with hard-core American-style crime

MuchMusic's Speaker's Corner - rant and rave on national TV for a dollar

Baseball fans park on your front lawn and pee on the side of your house

You know there's no such thing as an Ontario Seperatist

Your grandparents sold booze to the States during Prohibition

Lots of tourists come to Toronto because they mistakenly believe it's a cool city

Have a new/better hint if someone is from this province? Send it in at the bottom of this page.

You have enough French vocabulary to get by some of the day in Ottawa without them thinking that you're a completly incapable American.

You find -40C a little chilly.

You voted Liberal in the last election.

You understand the Labatt's Blue commercials.

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Ontario.
You know your from Jokes
June 14th, 2005  
C/2nd Lt Robot
You Know You're From North Carolina When...
You've gotten used to the smell of cow manure on a car trip to Raleigh.

Saying "y'all" isn't just a cute expression; it actually means something.

There are big labrador retrievers in the back of every truck.

You give directions using KFC and Waffle House as landmarks.

You still see Dale Earndheart tributes on cars.

You can't imagine life without Bojangles' sweet tea

Your annual church fundraiser always deals with bbq and potato salad

You have a sunburn from May to October

Your 'heavy winter clothing' consists of some turtleneck sweaters, a fuzzy jacket, and your daddy's boots

Your family has fried chicken once a week

You can tell the difference between cotton fields and tobacco fields while driving

One of your neighbors has a confederate flag hanging on their front porch

Those "damn yankees" are taking over your school/church/workplace/neighborhood...
(They sure are)

You've been "properly raised", and yankees love it when they hear you say "ma'am" and "sir"

You get your carbs from biscuits, rolls, pancakes, and grits

You know the difference between a "redneck" and a "hick".

You own at least one surf shop or seafood restaurant shirts.

No matter what those people in ohio say, we are still "first in flight"

The Coca-Cola 600 is as big as the Super Bowl

You prefer Chick-fil-a to KFC

You know pastry is a chicken stew, not a dessert item.

Every time you visit someone you’re offered something to eat and a glass of tea.

Your granddaddy always wore overalls and your grandma always wore an apron.

In summer you have home-grown tomatoes with every meal.

When it rains and the creek rises, everyone gathers to see how high it rose.

You know that "chunk" the ball means to throw it.

You've had a burger "all the way" - chili and slaw on it.

You can recognize a copperhead and your heart drops when you see one.

You have at least one relative that raises collards.

Your folks have taken trips to the mountains to look at leaves.

Your school classes were cancelled because of a hurricane.

You know Krispy Kreme makes the best doughnut.

You have an opinion about UNC. You went there and loved it, or you hate everyone who did.

You know the best BBQ is found in Lexington

You would rather eat at Bojangles's than McDonald's

You have actually uttered the phrase "It's too hot to go to the pool"

You faithfully drink Pepsi or Mt. Dew everyday of your life.

You have your own secret bbq sauce.

You or your neighbors have more hunting dogs than you have family members.

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from North Carolina.
July 8th, 2005  
A lot of those North Carolina ones apply to my home too! Thank god for the south right?
July 8th, 2005  
C/2nd Lt Robot
Heck yeah.
July 20th, 2005  
Yep I was born and raised in Georgia and I still live the small town of Waycross. Every single one of those are true too.
July 21st, 2005  
For all you "y'all" people:

y'all = you
all's y'all = all of you

Can't remember where I picked that one up...
July 24th, 2005  
Don't forget " you have to rotate the tires on your house."
July 27th, 2005  
Well being from Rocky Face GA i consider this to not only be true but to also be an advisement to all the yankees out there! if ya'll aint caught on yit ye ain't tryin har enuf