May 10th, 2005  

Topic: Joke

Paul is an eighteen years old guy. He goes into a pharmacy.

- Paul: Morning! I would like one condom please. I am meeting the
parents of my girlfriend tonight. They invited me for dinner. I think
tonight is the night, my girlfriend is so horny.....

- Assistant: Alright, there you have.

- Paul: Wait a moment. give me another one,please. The sister of my girlfriend is gorgeous, she is so beutiful, so perfect...I think I might have a
chance with her.

- Assistant: okey, two condoms for Casanova. There you have them.

- Paul: I think I am gonna need another one. The mom of my girlfriend
is flirting with me when her daughter is not with us. I think she
wants me....

- Assistant: okey. Whatever. There you have machoman.

- Paul: bye, thanks

- Assistant: you are welcome, bye.

That evening Paul goes to the house of his girlfriend parents. He is
sitting in the table. In his left hand is Suzy, his girlfriend. In his
right hand her sister. In front of him is the mother and the father.

- Paul: (he starts praying) Thanks god for this food......bla bla
bla........god forgive us if we made something wrong.......bla bla

- Suzy: I did not know that you were so religious!!!!!!!!!!

- Paul: I DID NOT KNOW THAT YOUR DAD WORKS IN A PHARMACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 11th, 2005  
read it but still ok funny
May 11th, 2005  
that was unexpected.
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January 31st, 2007  
Team Infidel
i love this classic
January 31st, 2007  
Very nice!!! LOL