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March 14th, 2014  

Topic: Joining the military

So I was in a Army ROTC Battalion for 3 years, my first year I was a S-4 Captain. Second year I was the S-4 Major, And in my final year I was Lieutenant Colonel. My plans were for military service after and the colonel of my program had contacted the Navy, Marines & Army. Sadly later I developed epilepsy or what we thought was epilepsy ,and I told the recruiters that later it was found to be my body's reaction for all the pent up emotions. And in finally curing my issue and no longer having a problem I wanted to look into joining the military again preferably Navy SEALS or Special Forces and follow in my fathers footsteps. But I realized that they'd probably document that I have epilepsy did I just screw myself out of military service or can I just talk to a new recruiter?
March 14th, 2014  
So you have epileptic type convulsions or episodes from "pent up emotions" and you want to join the SEALs of SF? What do you think training on that level will do to your emotions?

And yes you screwed yourself unless you can prove beyond a doubt you're not epileptic and even then you would need a waiver.

Did you mean JROTC because I find it very difficult to believe an ROTC would let any cadet be a cadet officer rank outside their MS4 year?

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