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September 11th, 2006  

Topic: Iraqi and American views on the various problems in Iraq.

Originally Posted by bulldogg
Dollar for dollar, missile for missile, plane for plane right now, today, name me one country that can match the US?
Hehe,bulldogg, you are so overconfident, I know, you have enough reasons to do like that. But don't forget, every dog has his day,hehe.

Originally Posted by bulldogg
The US was not everything but prior to the US entering the war how were the allies doing? France? England? China? Australia?
You forgot the Soviet. In my opinion, if the US had joined the war or D-Day started more later, the result had not been Ally against Axis,but Ally against Soviet. It's just my guess.

Hello, fingolfin361 and Damien435, I think you are right. China always cares about its own garden. there is one fact that China can not face very realistically. China always say " we love peace,we want to cooperation", but in fact, many countres beside China were ever attacked by it in history,so it is very normal that their local people have mistrust to China. What's more, China seldom does pratical actions for international events except superficial claims. I dislike that.

b2ee, your example of Korea is erroneous at best. There were four different groups in that war, North Korea, South Korea, China and the United Nations (Now that I have mentioned the UN once I will go back to saying the US rather than UN, it's a more accurate protrayal of what happened.). Three of those groups achieved their primary goals, China (maintain a buffer between Chinese communism and Capilizm), South Korea (force the Commies out of their country) and the United States (push the North Koreans out of South Korea) and but nobody completed their secondary objectives (Unite all of Korea under one government.) The only loser in that war was/still is the people of North Korea. They must suffer under a government that doesn't give a damn about them and only stays in power because it has the support of one other nation.
Oh, I want to say more about it.

Hi,Damien435,I think your comments is just like the most officail common view in your country. If you can check the detailed soldier number of every involved countries,it is easy to see that the two main countries are China and the US. UN at that time is just one official name for American face.

I partly agree with your opinion about the only loser, but the relation between China and NK is not good just you imagin. In fact, North Korea exists for itself,for Kim's family. After 1950's war, North Korea has broken most contacts with China since Kim's family has wanted to build up its own great fame.
Maybe you can not believe,in NK's elementary text books, there is little mention about China's help to NK in that war.

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