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Iran to hold conference debunking holocaust
January 16th, 2006  
Iran to hold conference debunking holocaust
January 16th, 2006  
You may have missed this day in history class, so here's a refresher.
The area was originaly settled by the Canaanites. The Isrealites conquered the area in about 1,250 BC. In 928 BC, the Kindom of Israel divided into "The Kingdom of Israel" and "Judea". Modern day Israel occupies roughly the same area of ancient Judea.
I have no idea whom you define as "Arabs". The earliest written mention of them was in 853 BC by the Assyrians after they defeted them, along with an army that contained among others, Israelites, at the battle of Karkar. In this instance, they are refered as to have come from "Arabia".
The "Arabs" did not conquer "Palestine" until Omar ibn al-Khattaab ended Byzantine rule in 638. The "ownership" of this area changed hands multiple times until its intergration in the Ottoman Empire 1516 (but let's not forget the short rule of Moh'd Ali Pasha from Egypt between 1832-1840).
Zionists returned to the area in 1878 establishing Petach Tiqva. Between 1882-1903 the first wave of 25,000 Zionists showed up.
As you can see, the "juds" as you call them have inhabited the area a bit longer than the "Arabs" (however you define them), and the re-emigration has gone on much longer than you seem to think (or guess). As far as Jews in "Palestine" (I'm guessing that that is your catch all for Israel), they make up 80% of the population (according to the CIA Factbook).
I hope you can bring more to the table than you have so far.