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September 30th, 2004  
Alright alright, good point, but at least it's on the table.

Here's a kind-a-old link that "disproves" this theory, somewhat

October 9th, 2004  
No matter what I'm always gonna have a leery eye towards Syria.
October 9th, 2004  
Young Winston
OK, so you think Syria is next on the menu? I would have thought Iran.

How much will this one cost?

My gut feeling is a lot of you guys are getting very frustrated.
October 12th, 2004  
Italian Guy
The US, unless attacked, won't wage any war against any other country in the next 5 yrs at least.
November 20th, 2004  
Duty Honor Country
Here is another blow to my opinion about the UN.

Saddam diverted $21 bil from U.N. oil-for-food program

WASHINGTON — Saddam Hussein's regime made more than $21.3 billion in illegal revenue by subverting the U.N. oil-for-food program and other sanctions — more than double previous estimates, according to congressional investigators.

"This is like an onion — we just keep uncovering more layers and more layers," said Sen Norm Coleman, R-Minn, whose Senate Committee on Government Affairs received the new information at hearing Monday.

New figures on Iraq's alleged surcharges, kickbacks — and oil-smuggling dating back to 1991 — are based on troves of new documents obtained by the committee's investigative panel, Coleman told reporters before the hearing. The documents illustrate how Iraqi officials, foreign companies and sometimes politicians allegedly contrived to allow the Iraqi government vast illicit gains.

The findings also reflect a growing understanding by investigators of the intricate schemes Saddam used to buy support abroad for a move to lift U.N. sanctions...

How can you lose $21 billion over 10 years??? I sense a little corruption at the UN. The one thing that makes me mad is the UN is not really moving fast to investigate this problem. I have also heard that the countries who were against military action in Iraq are the ones who benefited most from that $21 billion

November 20th, 2004  
A Can of Man
I heard that too and I double checked it by looking at some Swiss source. Confirmed it. Not found any Belgian ones or anything...
But yeah I think Kofi Annan needs some investigating.
With 21 Billion dollars you can build a pretty decent army.
November 20th, 2004  
In my opinion, Koffi Anan is not doing a very good job. All they do is discuss the crisis on the table and allow time to be wasted. Time is not a luxury we all have!
November 22nd, 2004  

Topic: No more UN

Any idiot that thinks its a good idea to give up our cherished national sovereignty up to some corrupt world government unit or mechanism, such as the UN, might as well just be a terrorist or defector of our country. GLAD KERRY LOST.. phewww.... it would have been a close one. But seriously, the UN is quickly going the way of the League of Nations. Unfortunately, the world is not one big cooperative meltingpot. Rather, it is sectioned off my individual interests that are often times competing, and cooperation is done only under the guise of beneffiting from it; meaning that the moment that cooperation does not yield a benefit to a particular sovereign state, it will cease to cooperate, and that is what is wrong with the United Nations model or any other liberal model of cooperation for that matter. Human nature just isn't compatible with these fairy tale ideas of cooperation. What we need to do is seek our own national interest and continue to propagate around the globe the core values that has made America what it is now, be vigilant for the sake of our people and our country, and be ready to mobilize our troops against things we perceive to be a threat to our sovereignty, freedom, and way of life. I hate to sound cliche, folks, but 9-11 changed everything and proved that the ideologies behind organizations like the UN are not only old and outdated, but incompatible with the current state of affairs we are facing in the world and we need to completely do away with it.
November 23rd, 2004  
Young Winston
23rd November, 2004


KHARTOUM. The UN will send thousands of troops to southern Sudan after the expected signing of a peace accord by the Sudanese Government and southern rebels.
UN special envoy Jan Pronk said about 7000 troops would be sent by the end of the year to monitor a deal between the Sudan Government and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army.
Recent fighting has driven 1.5 million people from their homes and into refugee camps such as Abushouk, near the city of El Fasher. Mr Pronk’s comments come just days after the Government and the rebels pledged to sign a peace accord by the end of the year.
November 23rd, 2004  
Since some of you don't think UN so usefull, then what do you think the UN should be organized? Or UN should be simply dismissed?