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August 15th, 2013  
idiots white racist, if I said Chinese had already killed six-millions Tibetan like the Nazi German fcuking your JEWS anscestor sh!t hole ,are you satisfy? your stupid very Self-abased, your never dare point your finger the race who ever massacre and insulted your ancestor.
maybe some day the Japanese and US masscracre your families ,you will very love it.

Originally Posted by senojekips' sh!t hole had been fcuked
You still have not told us how China's atrocities in Tibet are less evil than those whom you attribute to the west, China's long term record of Human Rights abuses and oppression of it's own people are well documented

Admit it,.... People like you are the single biggest reason many Westerners think that Chinese are certifiable idiots.
August 15th, 2013  
yeah ,may be you and your families very like been fcuking sh!t hole like the Nazi German did to your ancestor.

In fact ,I did't like insult the ancestor of other people,
but you are really very cheap for personality.

the Jews like idiot senojekip only dare bully the weak race like Arab and Iran. they never "say no" to those strong race like US, German and soveit union.
Bully weak race is the Nautre of the JEWS.
IN my opinion, the man who dare challenge the super power like US and Soviet union is true hero, like Mao Tze dong.
August 15th, 2013  
Somebody, please end him.

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