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January 20th, 2016  
Remington 1858

Topic: Icelandic Coast Guard

While doing research in anticipation of a planned vacation trip to Iceland I came across some information about the Icelandic Coast Guard. Iceland doesn't have a military in the usual sense, so the Coast Guard is tasked with a long list of duties including coastal patrol. fisheries enforcement, search and rescue, maritime law enforcement, EOD and demining ( sea mines left over from WWII), and international peacekeeping. If they can actually perform all those duties at a decent standard with the small number of personnel then they are an elite organization indeed.
There is a small sub-unit tasked with international duties. And the Coast Guard is responsible for monitoring Iceland airspace.
I imagine that this force is able to get the pick of the Vikings in the small national population. A university degree is required for entry into the international duties unit, and presumably language skill as well. The Iceland population is well known for being healthy, fit and well educated.
I thought members of this forum might be interested in this small and obscure force.
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