How is the weather like where you are now?! - Page 2

November 25th, 2005  
Navy Boy
Right now it is cloudy and sunny.
November 25th, 2005  
-1 and light snow fall, expected to be rain later tonight.
November 25th, 2005  
Italian Guy
10 Celsius, stormy, pouring.
One week ago it was warm and sunny though.
November 26th, 2005  
Dark and mild...
low winds and low tide
November 26th, 2005  
Originally Posted by bulldogg
The weather is very much dependant upon atmospheric conditions and variables such as the gravitational pull of our alleged solitary moon as it waxes and wanes moving through its elliptical orbit around our planet. Without the benefit of learned counsel I cannot comfortably supply you with meteorlogical data until you can provide documentation as to your identity and affiliations as I would like to avoid any and all possible incidents of aiding or abetting communists, terrorists, socialists or pacifists who would seek to harm the current status of affairs in our present geo-socio-political order.
Reservedly yours,
Anonymous Canine Poster

CC: Steven
Priceless, Bulldogg!

Cold, flurries expcted tomorrow.
November 26th, 2005  
Cheers Tom.

Here behind the Great Firewall of the People's Republic of China it is sunny, slight NW breeze and a balmy 26 celcius.
November 26th, 2005  
Yesterday it was bucketing down rain, today it is boiling hot, with little to no cloud cover.
And it's been like this for the past month, the wheater is really wired
November 26th, 2005  
CAP Cadet Burrichter
Feels really's 38 degrees here in NJ. I LOVE THE WINTER!
December 15th, 2005  
snowing very heavy here right now!
December 15th, 2005  
Its sunny and about 65 degress F right now here in Southern California.