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January 7th, 2005  
rotc boy

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Sample Hospital Bill

Below is an itemized statement of your hospital bill. This
does not include physician, radiology, or housekeeping
services (we dry mopped your room once). If you have
a known heart condition, please read this in the presence
of your cardiologist; if you don't, you will after you see this
bill (be sure to come to our Emergency Room).

Room and Board COST

This isn't Motel 6 you know... and yes we know you only
stayed 25 hours. We kept you here an extra hour so we could
bill another day.

Kidney Dialysis $965.00 So you didn't have dialysis... the
machine sat outside of your room for an entire day. These
machines aren't cheap.

IV Fluids $325.00 We know you didn't have an IV, but the
nurse accidentally placed the sticker on your charge card. You
can overlook it just once can't you!

Tylenol $45.00 Yes $45.00 for one pill... We have to pay
for our advertising somehow!

Nursing Services $1,250.00 So they never answered your
call bell once. We still have to pay them.

Respiratory Therapy $325.00 The therapist sat at the nursing
station that night and joked about your surgery for 3 hours. We
have to pay them too.
January 9th, 2005  
so true.
February 27th, 2007  
Team Infidel
sometimes it is better NOT to have insurance