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June 28th, 2005  
If we have a draft we will all the man power we need, but, like has been said, a volunteer army is a better army. My only thing is if you talk to people they say if a draft is instated then they will go in voluntarily.
June 28th, 2005  
I've always tended to like the compulsory service idea for here in the U.S.. But that wouldn't limit the service to the armed forces, you could sign up for community service for a bit of a longer term. So if you did not want to fight or join the armed forces, then you could help the community.
June 28th, 2005  
I don't know about America, but i'm pretty sure it's the same over there - but we have a MASSIVE problem in Australia. Our nation is getting fatter and lazier, and the cultural ideal of the hard drinking/brawling/hard working Australian man is quickly dying. We are ever so quickly becoming a nation of McDonald's chomping, fat dole bludgers. Our dole system over here is a joke, most people will pretend to look for a job when they get out of school and after 6 months will just go on the dole, sometimes earning more than working people do!!!

I've always loved the idea of national service. You take these fat little balls of cookie dough as soon as they finish school, and for two years you cram so much hard-working military ethics into their head that they come out with plenty of ideas, if not SOME skills. THEN you say to them:

"we have an agency that is going to find a job for you, and it's going to pay you some money until they find that job. If you don't like that job and don't take it, we're gonna cut your money right back until you barely have enough to live on. If you find a better job however, you may take that one instead of the one we choose for you"

The amount of lazy people in Australia is disgusting to me. I love my country and it makes me sick to know there are so many of them tarnishing our reputation. They're lazy, they have no purpose in life, and (coupled with an equally lazy woman) they are just perpetually popping out new lazy people to bleed the system dry.

Bring back national service i say, and turn men bak into men.

June 29th, 2005  

In the USA for the two sides in the Iraqi War, the ones who oppose it and the ones who support it, they have very little in common (ie with the exception of they think they are absolutely 100% right and the other side is immoral and unpatrotic). But they do strangely have one issue in which they agree on: The Draft.

Both sides think that it would be a good idea to bring back the draft that was abandoned shortly before the Vietnam War ended. But none for the reason that the US Supreme Court has always refused court challenges to it in every war from the Civil War to the Vietnam War based on the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution: That without the nation having adequate armies it can not defend itself and not being able to defend itself all the other constitutional protections would be moot.

The anti-Iraqi War crowd wants a return to the draft, because they think it will cause the middle class to no longer support any wars or conflicts except the most extreme wars like WW2. The pro-Iraqi War crowd supports the draft because they believe these weak livered young punks could use a good dose of good discpline and those stupid hair styles cut off. But both say they want the draft because it is needed.

Finally, but I think both sides would be surprised if the draft was returned. To wit, the Supreme Court would most likely declare it unconstitutional unless it includes women. And that is the problem. The court will accept a draft if it includes women and men, but Congress will never pass such a draft bill. So for all practical purposes a return to the draft if not practical without a Constitutional amendment.

Jack E. Hammond
June 30th, 2005  

Topic: My opinion on the draft

I think that if ever there is a reason to have a draft it will be soon for the country for which I live. It has been about twenty years since it was declared a non-necessity to keep our forces. I believe that if the draft was to ever happen again it should be run by the state, not national. Make it more local so that the National Guard is utilized more in topics of National Security. The reason for this is so that they will have a pool from the juvenile offender section of the prisons that they can start with. They are already in a controlled environment, see if they would like the opportunity to try to clean up their lives and join the military. I have noticed from visiting a state prison in my state that they actually gave the ASVAB test. I was dismayed to find out that the people who scored the highest were those convicted of drug offenses. My gut feeling says that these individuals can become useful again.

Also, if we have mandatory conscription, it will affect all walks of life. Not just those of us that come from homes where welfare was an everyday part of life. Unfortunately most of the backbones of the Army, which I have run into, are from lower income families, also many of the officers. If we made everyone come into the military, they would understand better the sacrifice that we make on a daily basis, or on a monthly basis depending on if they are allowed to enter the reserves or not.

When I first entered I did not know what to think about the military. Now I am hoping to stay in until I hit my mandatory removal date. I understand that the military is not for everyone, it was not for me my first year of my enlistment. It is however something that you grow into and if you like it, sign up longer, if you do not like it, then leave. At least you served enough time to actually understand the whole process.
June 30th, 2005  
Just a question but do you really want to serve next a bunch of Juvenile Offenders or have a a Squad of them that you have to ride herd on. That just gives me shivers.
July 1st, 2005  
FO Seaman

Topic: Re: Hope this is new (The Draft)

Originally Posted by bonnieblue716
I stay so behind in keeping up in the forum with school and all, but I'm looking for a topic that I can do a HUGE arguement based research paper on. This is a college class and the professor is hard to please which I think is fine. It makes us rise to the occasion, but I've having a bad week and drawing a blank. I want to write on something concerning the US military as I always want to increase my knowledge on it. Anyway I was thinkin of arguing agaist the draft. So any help on that as far as well educated responses and links on the draft and the stuff like the stop loss program would be such a HUGE help to me. Also if any of you can think of a better topic feel free to post that too. Thanks everyone for the help.
That drafted ended a long time ago and will never be back. The Second Amendement makes sure of that, But anyway the draft isn't around any longer.

Write about NATO, the UN, Leage Of Nations, ect....
July 2nd, 2005  
What pray tell does the Second Amendment have to do with Selective Service?
July 5th, 2005  
FO Seaman
Originally Posted by 03USMC
What pray tell does the Second Amendment have to do with Selective Service?

If I'm not mistaken the Sencond Amendment is Right to Bear Arms. And if the Government where try to impose Selective Service onto our country again there is a goo chance the Amendment would be put to use.
Just as if the Government tryed to impose some other law onto people.
July 5th, 2005  
You cannot force somebody to do something.
If you look at it closely, real closely, you will see that Compulsary National Service is un-democratic.

You are saying to somebody, you haven't done anything wrong, you are a tax paying, voting, fit, citizen, and b/c some politicans don't feel safe with a small military, we are taking you away from your professional career and forcing you to serve out a period of time in the military.

Everyone here fails to realise or mention anyway, that alot of people who would be made eligable for the draft, will be already employed.
How many people would have worked so hard earning a degree at uni for example, finally finding a well paying job that accepts their qualifications, and then one day they get a letter in the mail saying,
"You have been randomly selected by lottery, to serve a 2 year contract with in the army. Failure to report to the army recruitment center will result in arrest and imprisonment."

That is the gist of the letter my dad got in 1971. He was an apprentice electrican at the time. He just got the job with Telecom, and was now being told he may have to go to a war, that he did not beleive was just.
Fortunatly for dad, National Service was cancelled before he had to report.

The odd thing is, he is one person who agrees with Compulsary National Service, and so are a group of his friends. I find that most people who do, have actually never served in the military.