History of the Marine Corps - Page 3

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Topic: Marines and Trenton

[QUOTE=SniperWannabee;25739]Birthday of the Marine Corps.
November 10, 1775(congress raises 2 battalions of Marines.)

."Serving with General George Washington.
April 1776, 2Lt. John Fitzpatrick, the first Marine to be killed in combat.
Major Samuel Nicholas/300 Marines fought at the battle of Trenton."

This is an error. No Marnes fought at the Battle of Trenton on 26 December 1776.


Continental Army:

Commander-in-Chief Gen. George Washington

Commander-in-Chief's Guard Capt. Caleb Gibbs

Washington's aides-de-camp Lt. Tench Tilghman, Lt. Col. Richard Cary, Lt. Col. Samuel Blachley Webb

Adjutant General Col. Joseph Reed

Quartermaster General Col. Stephen Moylan

Commissary General Lt. Col. Joseph Trumbull

Paymaster General Col. William Palfrey

Muster Master General Col. Gunning Bedford

Director of the General Hospital Dr. John Morgan

Chief Engineer Col. Rufus Putnam

Greene's Division Maj. Gen. Nathanael Greene
Stephen's Brigade Brig. Gen. Adam Stephen
4th Virginia Regiment Lt. Col. Robert Lawson
5th Virginia Regiment Col. Charles Scott
6th Virginia Regiment Col. Mordecai Buckner

Stirling's Brigade
1st Virginia Regiment Capt. John Fleming
1st Delaware Regiment Col. John Haslet
3rd Virginia Regiment Col. George Weedon
1st Pennsylvania Rifle Regiment Maj. Ennion Williams

Mercer's Brigade Brig. Gen. Hugh Mercer
20th Connecticut Regiment Col. John Durkee
1st Maryland Regiment Lt. Col. Francis Ware
5th Massachusetts Regiment Maj. Ezra Putnam
Bradley's Battalion, Connecticut State Troops Capt. Benjamin Mills
Maryland Rifle Battalion Volunteers Capt. David Harris

Fermoy's Brigade Brig. Gen. Matthias Alexis Roche de Fermoy
1st Pennsylvania Regiment Col. Edward Hand
German Continentals Col. Nicholas Haussegger

Sullivan's Division Maj. Gen. John Sullivan

Glover's Brigade Col. John Glover

14th (Marblehead) Regiment Maj. William R. Lee
3rd Massachusetts Regiment Col. William Shepard
19th Connecticut Regiment Col. Charles Webb
23rd Continental Regiment Col. John Bailey
26th Continental Regiment Col. Loammi Baldwin

Sargent's Brigade Col. Paul Dudley Sargent

16th Continental Regiment Capt. James Perry
Ward's Regiment Connecticut Continentals Col. Andrew Ward
6th Battalion Connecticut State Troops Col. John Chester
13th Continental Regiment Lt. Col. Ebenezer Clap
1st Regiment MacDougall's New York Continentals Capt. John Johnson

St. Clair's Brigade Brig. Gen. Arthur St. Clair

5th Continental Regiment Col. John Stark
8th Continental Regiment Col. Enoch Poor
2nd Continental Regiment Col. Israel Gilman

Artillery Col. Henry Knox 418 estimated; 16 guns

Philadelphia Troop of Light Horse