High ranking officers need to BS with the joes

October 21st, 2004  
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Topic: High ranking officers need to BS with the joes

I've been in active for 5 years and the reserves for 2. One thing I've noticed is that once an officer hits major, the you never see him (or her).

History shows that the great generals and leaders took time to go BS with the troops. I am not talking about speeches. So far, I have yet to see an officer give an inspiring speech. Plus when an officer gives a speech, most joes would rather be anywhere else. I am talking about interacting with the enlisted soldier while he/she is working.

That has only happen 2 times in my military career. One time was at JRTC down at Ft. Polk. My squad was in the holding pen getting ready for 10 days of fun filled JRTC. We were testing some old commo equipment from the Korea era to see if it actually worked. General Daly came up on us. We started to get up and pay the general some respect and he stopped us. He basically shot the with us for a few minutes. He asked for our honest opinion about a few things and we gave it to him. The other time was in Iraq during the pause at Karbala. Colonel Jackson came to visit our company. Since most of us was on the perimeter, he came to each of our fox holes. There is nothing like seeing a full bird in a fox hole.

I remember those officers because they seemed to care about the common soldier. Hell, I cannot even remember the commanding general for the 101st the last time I was here.

Those are my thoughts...enjoy
October 22nd, 2004  
I can remember alot of the Bn and Regt C.O. 's coming out to see the Marines under their command.
I remember when General Grey was CMC he came out to a CAX in 29 Stumps and made it a point to visit the enlisted Marines of every unit involved.
Your right it does boost morale.