Have some funny anagrams!

Have some funny anagrams!
September 29th, 2009  

Topic: Have some funny anagrams!

Have some funny anagrams!
President Obama = Entomb Paradise!!!
VP Joe Biden = Need job VIP!!! HAHAHA
President Bush = He spurts in bed!
George Walker Bush = Blush, war geek ogre!
VP Dick Cheney = Check! VIP deny.
President Carter = Decrepit ranters!
President Bill Clinton = Ill-spent bold in cretin!

How about the current cabinet?
Hillary Clinton = Only I can thrill!
Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton = Rectally tyrannical hemorrhoids!
Secretary Timothy Geithner = I'm the angriest erythrocyte!
(Erythrocytes are also known as red blood cells, erythrocytes, or red corpuscles)
Secretary Robert Gates = Better greasy creators!
From here on out, I am just going to copy/paste.
'attorney general eric holder' anagrams to 'Really! Good! Nicer threatener.'
'secretary ken salazar' anagrams to 'Rate sleazy ransacker.'
'secretary tom vilsack' anagrams to 'Arty, cockiest marvels.'
'secretary gary locke' anagrams to 'Coyly. Grace streaker.'
'secretary hilda solis' anagrams to 'Heroically. Disasters.'
'secretary Kathleen Sebelius' anagrams to 'Beauty! Relentless hackeries.'

This is getting boring! Add just one more!
'Janet Napolitano' anagrams to 'An ****, joint poet.'

Other powerful icons :
Fed chairman Greenspan = fine, sharp, grand menace!
Fed chairman Bernanke = finer, mean backhander!
'osama bin laden' anagrams to 'A damn alien S.O.B.'
'justice Sonia Sotomayor' anagrams to 'I am treasonous jocosity.'

'health care reform package' anagrams to 'Cheat freak cheaper glamor.'
'health care reform bill' anagrams to 'Blame arch-foe thriller.'
'health care reform legislation' anagrams to 'I am the horror's nice flagellate.'

Lonnie Courtney Clay
September 29th, 2009  
September 29th, 2009  
'fiscal stimulus package' anagrams to 'Magical, stuck-up falsies.'
'dept of homeland security' anagrams to 'Torpidly deaf-mute chosen.'
'federal bureau of investigation' anagrams to 'If found alive, abuse, interrogate!'
'central intelligence agency' anagrams to 'Neglectingly **** reticence.'
'national security agency' anagrams to 'Genuinely noisy cataract.'
'department of defense' anagrams to 'Daft Feds rope teen men!'
'department of justice' anagrams to 'Reject impudent fatso.'

'speaker of the house' anagrams to 'Safe heroes puke hot.'
'president of the senate' anagrams to 'Defenestrate phoniest.'

'government psychologist' anagrams to 'Smoggy, topnotch sniveler.'

Lonnie Courtney Clay
Have some funny anagrams!
October 1st, 2009  
October 1st, 2009  
Team Infidel
January 6th, 2011  

Lonnie Courtney Clay
October 1st, 2021  
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