Get the Un into Iraq!

November 17th, 2003  

Topic: Get the Un into Iraq!

The Official Petition

Your choice fella's, but it can't hurt.
November 17th, 2003  
Acerbus that level of decision making, a petition ain't gonna do jack shit. Especially when the venue of communication is so narrow.
November 17th, 2003  
Yea I know but considering it helps a little with my anger managment for the whole situation all I have to say is "why not"
November 19th, 2003  
well we went into a iraq with out UN help so maybe they are punishing us for being so stupid

we went in alone and ill be damned if we dont go out alone
November 19th, 2003  
Thats be selfish. Regardless of what you thought about this war the right thing to do is to establish the country and route the terrorists. Or would you rather have more Iraqi citizens and coalition soldiers die? Lets get over the politics and help out!
November 19th, 2003  
Originally Posted by GuyontheRight
Lets get over the politics and help out!
Agree with you on that.

I too was against the attack on Iraq, but it did happen.
So now we have to focus on helping the country back up on it's feet again.
Norway, as the only country officially against the bombing, has been helping out with humanitarian operations, mine clearance etc. for several months now.
It's time for others to join now, and help preventing a much bigger disaster down there.
The Iraqis are suffering now, we can discuss whose fault it was later...
December 7th, 2003  
Well I don't know whether our war with Iraq was justified, but I am certain i would never encourage the UN to get involved. I hate globalists with a passion. I wish the US would get out of the UN so we could actually get something done without worrying about what others will think.
February 21st, 2004  

Topic: nothing

The U.N. will do nothing. The soldiers are on their own and will have to fight and destroy all who oppose the U.S.!!

February 25th, 2004  
I dont know how many of you went to iraq I did, you should have seen the people there that were relived that we were there happy and smiling, there are alot of people in iraq that wouldnt be alive today if we did nothing. I think we did the right thing Saddam is out now all we have to do is eather give it to the un or finish the job we started, just as long as we never loose site on the final out come a better place for the people of iraq.
February 26th, 2004  
Wasn't the purpose of the UN to prevent a WWIII? They've done that, right, I mean theres not going to be another war on the scale of WWII or anything like that. Now it seems almost to hinder peace efforts.

Without the UN, would there be global chaos? Hum I'll think I"ll post this in the "what if" thread.