Ft. Hood suspect may plead guilty, describe attack - Page 2

March 17th, 2013  
Originally Posted by jillyz12
Does anyone else here have an overwhelming urge to rip that ugly-ass beard off his face???

That and more which would cause much more pain (not quick either).
March 18th, 2013  
Originally Posted by -- Dusty
Monty, you're clearly not up to date. They have. Remember the *unarmed* journalist that was beheaded? What about the humanitarian aid worker that was also beheaded?

I'm not saying it's right. Truth is, NONE of this is right. But it is what it is and we pick up the piece and try to make a go of what's left.

Hasan was a Major in our military. AFAIC death row for siding with the enemy in a time of war.
Several points here:
1) If said humanitarian aid worker is part of the same "aid workers" that roam our streets aka God Botherers then quite frankly I am all for beheading them as they are annoying and unwanted and I don't care what religion they are trying to push.

2) You will never end the hatred by trying to out fanatic the opposition, being a bigger bunch of barbarians will not suddenly make bin Ladens of this world disappear.

3) What we are prepared to do to our foreign enemies creates a very small step to what we will do to our domestic enemies.

I am not saying we should over look these attacks but is there any need to to go to these extremes for the likes of Hasan, yes he was a Major in your military and he committed a crime that can be punished by the military let them do their jobs and accept the outcome no matter what it is.

Sinking to the lowest level will not solve anything nor will it change the outcome of his actions, it is just a pointless over reaction.

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