FBI Says Gangs Infiltrating the US Military - Page 4

December 1st, 2011  
If I remember correctly, when I joined the RAF not only was my background checked, but so were my parents.
December 20th, 2011  
Originally Posted by RayManKiller3
"a minority" clarify for me what this meant? If you are citing the occassional stereotype that it is African American, Hispanics, etc. only, then I find that very ignorant. If it was me that witnessed it, I wouldn't tolerate it.

If you mean gang relation as a whole in comparison to non-gang related U.S personell, then I agree. I am not sure if you are talking racial affairs, but that is the common misconception that people spout in U.S.

As for the no go zone turf thing, while not acceptable, it is something I understand. It is pretty much like countries nowadays and past times. I don't like gangs though, most of them ruin their lives. I understand them though, mass poverty causes crime.
Alot of people forget that poverty is what breeds that crap. Social innequality breeds crime.

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