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May 7th, 2004  
99th Infantry Division because they were a totally green unit and they held off the German offensive in Battle of the Bulge.
May 9th, 2004  
31st partizan brigade(my grndfathers),and Easy company 506st airbourne
May 13th, 2004  
Young 1
Lee's Army of Northern Virginia, with Stonewall Jackson, is not only my favorite, but probably one of the best ever.

Also, the Spartans at Thermopylae and other engagements against the Persians were awesome[/quote]
May 14th, 2004  
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May 28th, 2004  
I am new to the forum and this is my first post (not that anyone really cares about that...)

I have several favorites:

1) The 1st brigade of the 1 division of the I corp of the Grand Army of the Republic - The Iron Brigade.

2) The Stonewall brigade of the Army of Northern Virginia - The Foot Cavelry.

3) Of course, the 101st Airborne Division

4) The 1st Infanigtry Division - The Big Red One

5) And in honor of my ancestors - ANY Highland Unit!!!

Sorry - I had to put that last one in...
May 28th, 2004  

Check that out for some news about some Scotsmen.

How about heading to the Welcoming Center and giving us an introduction?
May 30th, 2004  
After serving with the 101st, of course Im going to go with them

Not just joining the bandwagon, but they have a Rendezvous with Destiny. (plug plug lol) Whether its Bastogne and MG McAuliffe replying "nuts" to an order to surrender, the history of Old Abe the eagle, or the air assault down the Euphrates river valley (as the 3/320th motto went shortly after the return to Ft Campbell... "Thunder in the Valley!"), these were my heroes even before I found out what a drill sergeant was all about and still my most memorable unit when I was active duty. Now Im a part timer with my air assault wings as a reminder to my past with this wonderful unit.
May 30th, 2004  
the entire rebel army!!!!

May 30th, 2004  
the entire rebel army!!!!

Which exactly??
May 30th, 2004  
It's not a unit, but my fav is the entire Luftwaffe.

No particular reason, I just happen to like the German Air Force.