Favorite Commanders

Favorite Commanders
June 13th, 2003  

Topic: Favorite Commanders

Favorite Commanders
Who is/are your favorite military commanders?

Mine are:
-Ethan Allen from the American Revolution
-Gen. George S. Patton from WWII
-General Tommy Franks, face it, the guy's a badass
June 13th, 2003  
This is a hard one, because there are so many underated military commaders Ive studied, so if it's favorite, and not best, Ill have to say:

Sir William Howe (American Revolution)-Never really wanted to fight against the Americans and wrongly blamed for the British defeat. He was cautiouse, but not overly, and very human in the way he conducted war.

George Patton (WWI and WWII)-Who doesnt like this guy?

William T Sherman (US Civil War)-The undisputed rulur of "Total War"

Im actually not a big fan of Tommy Franks, I think he's a good guy, but seriously think it was his mistaks that botched the capture of bin laden and Operations Anaconda.
June 13th, 2003  
yeah i just love general tommy's style haha
Favorite Commanders
July 28th, 2003  
Mark Conley

Topic: Favorite military leaders

First and foremost....

Francis Marion "the Swamp Fox". This man was the person that was dipicted by Mel Gibson in the movie "The Patriot". one of the American Army first unconventional warfare experts.

Col Joushua Chamberlain, a former school teacher turned hero on the top of Little Round Top, during the battle of gettysburg. he didnt know when to quit, thank God, or our national breakfast might now be grits.

July 31st, 2003  
That’s actually Brigadier General Chamberlen, he was promoted during the war
August 5th, 2003  
Hm...off the top of me wee head...

General George S. Patton Jr.-But of course...

Colonel David H. Hackworth-Sure, he's not very fondly looked upon by the establishment, but if you've ever read his works, you can't help but see the love he has for the Army. Not to mention his sheer leadership ability that's been tested again and again.

Those are the two main idols in my mind that I can recall.
November 10th, 2003  

Topic: Puller

Why only American commanders? Napolean, Hannibal, Alexander the Great, and Julius Caeser were all fairly succesful. Right?

But anyways...Chesty Puller is the baddest mofo to ever serve our armed forces.
December 1st, 2003  
Gen. George Patton Jr., George Washington, Julius Caesar, and Hitler and Goering because of their structure not because they killed Jews.
December 4th, 2003  
heh, i don't know think this is along the lines of what you guys are asking for.... but i feel like steaming.
my LEAST fav. commander is my unit's area mangement inspector. Commander Creiton, USN.
lol told you it wasn't exactly along the lines of the convo....but the guy is the biggest prick you'll ever meet. he told me that he was always right and perfect....i would have said something that I THOUGHT if it wasn't his decision whether or not to send my unit to nationals....i have to say i'm glad he signed for us to go for his sake, b/c i think we all would have jumped him on the way to his car.....

oh and my fav....DEFINATELY PATTON oohrah.
December 28th, 2003  
Hello Everyone,

I'm new to this forum so I hope you excuse me if I do something wrong
Now I thought I should comment about who my Favourite military commanders are since it's a very interesting subject.

Joshua Chamberlain- He is one of my favourites too. What he did on Little Round Top was astounding. And if I remember correctly he actually attained the brevet rank of Major General.

Field Marshall Bernard L. Montgomery- British Commander during World War II.

And since I'm from Sweden I have to pick a Swedish commander (LOL)
General Johan Banér- Swedish General who fought in Europe during the 30 year war in the 17th century.

And on a quick note, I don't really like General Patton since I think he was too much of a bully.