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June 13th, 2004  
C/2nd Lt Robot

Topic: Fake Marine

I got a freind saying that he is a Marine. Im not a Marine yet but it kills me to here someone say they are a Marine when they havent earned that title yet. So any Marines here got anything that will hit him at the heart and make him realize that just saying your a Marine doesnt makes you a Marine? And for those who want his AIM sn just PM for it. I want to set him straight once and for all.
June 13th, 2004  
USMC Johnny
You're asking a loaded question.

First, if he is in basic and getting ready to finish(aka finished the Crucible, and got a grad. date) then yes he can be called a Marine.

But, if he is just getting ready to go into basic, meaning he hasn't done anything under the Marine Corps.

Then HELL NO. You have to earn your right to become a Marine.. Just remember all Marines choose to become Marines, you aren't drafted or picked by the Army.

Marines are special..

Semper Fi

Lance Corporal Jonathan David
United States Marine Corps
June 13th, 2004  
I am not a Marine but I am a Security Policeman in the AF, and not only does he not deserve the title of Marine if he ran into some one that is a Marine they just might beat him. I ran into a kid that was wearing one of our Berets (which is what sets us apart from the rest of the AF) no rank only name tapes, no badge.. So I asked him if he was a cop and he said no not yet but I am going to the academy tomorrow. (turns out he just finished boot camp and got a beret somehow) So I snatch the beret off of his head and I still got that damn thing hanging in my locker.. I told him "tell your cadre at the Security Forces academy that I took this off your head, then explain to them why you were wearing it".....HA HA HA youngster almost pissed his pants.....
June 13th, 2004  
Here is how it was described to me, you are not a Marine until you pass basic, you may be in the Marine Corp. but you are not yet a Marine, so no, he has not yet earned the right to call himself a Marine, perhaps in a couple of weeks he will have earned the right to do so.
June 13th, 2004  
my cousin knew a guy who was in the SAS, and another guy who was in the Royal Marines.

Mod edit: My cousin knew the guy who killed King Kong.
June 13th, 2004  
Originally Posted by VEK
my cousin knew a guy who was in the SAS, and another guy who was in the Royal Marines.
Uh .. okay?
June 13th, 2004  
Hasn't earned the right to be called a Marine, so no, he is not allowed to be called a Marine.
June 13th, 2004  
I'm not a marine but due some straight logic if he spent some time in Corps i guess he can be caled a Marine but if he is marine wannabee then im not sure he IS a marine
June 13th, 2004  
If he hasn't done the Crucible yet, he's not a Marine. Plain and simple.
June 14th, 2004  
you are not a real marine until you get NJP