Escalation of War if Iran attacked?

November 2nd, 2004  

Topic: Escalation of War if Iran attacked?

With China just having signed an agreement to buy oil and gas from Iran and to develop Iran's Yadavaran oil field. What do people think is the likely response from China should Iran be attacked due to its Nuclear ambitions?
November 2nd, 2004  
I don't think China would come running to their aid.

It's not quite time for WWIII yet
November 2nd, 2004  
Without violating the borders of other nations (Afganistan, Pakistan, etc.), China is not in any position to do anything about it really.

Whether or not China can help matters, invading Iran is plenty problematic.
November 2nd, 2004  
Iran won't be invaded or attacked, its too big a risk for USA.They are on their way to become a nuclear power.
Just like North Korea won't be invaded.
India has good relations with Iran too and have been investing in their oil fields.There are talks of a direct deep sea oil pipeline from Iran to India.Quite a large country too, to control.
I think there's gonna be many more years before USA can clean up the mess in Iraq.Invading Iran or any other country is too big a problem for USA now.

should Iran be attacked due to its Nuclear ambitions?
Ya'll can't go attacking countries just like that lol.
November 2nd, 2004  
It's true China signed a deal to buy $70 billion oil from Iran:

China, Iran sign biggest oil & gas deal

1. USA will not attack Iran.
2. China will not be involved directly in the war (if there would be a war), at most China will be supplying weapons to Iran.
3. On governmental level, China & Iran have good relationship.
November 2nd, 2004  
America could take iran on, the poor plannin on the Iraq war made it look like we couldn't However if the need came it could be done. All you have to do is give the Airforce and the Military do what they feel is best.
November 3rd, 2004  
It's all a game
Just something for you to chew on:

The Sunburn - Iran's Awesome Nuclear Anti-Ship Missile The Weapon That Could Defeat The US In The Gulf

By Mark Gaffney

A word to the reader: The following paper is so shocking that, after preparing the initial draft, I didn't want to believe it myself, and resolved to disprove it with more research. However, I only succeeded in turning up more evidence in support of my thesis. And I repeated this cycle of discovery and denial several more times before finally deciding to go with the article. I believe that a serious writer must follow the trail of evidence, no matter where it leads, and report back. So here is my story. Don't be surprised if it causes you to squirm. Its purpose is not to make predictions history makes fools of those who claim to know the future but simply to describe the peril that awaits us in the Persian Gulf. By awakening to the extent of that danger, perhaps we can still find a way to save our nation and the world from disaster. If we are very lucky, we might even create an alternative future that holds some promise of resolving the monumental conflicts of our time. --MG

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November 3rd, 2004  
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November 3rd, 2004  
China would not help Iran with their military. Not that the US would invade out-right, but as for air and artillery strikes....hmm.
November 3rd, 2004  
One should reinstate bomb carpets and pull them over the whole continent... Some terrorists might escape over the borders. Hell, why leave it at Iran? Let's scorch the whole frigging region, yeeeha!