EF Typhoon jets to arrive in Singapore for evaluation

June 30th, 2004  

Topic: EF Typhoon jets to arrive in Singapore for evaluation

LONDON : Singapore is poised to get two special visitors in the next few days, as defence officials continue to evaluate potential replacements for the RSAF's Super Skyhawk fighters.

Two of the world's newest fighter jets left their base in England for a five-day journey to Singapore, where they will undergo a two week evaluation.

Days of preparation are needed when two of the world's newest fighter jets, the twin-engined Eurofighter Typhoon, are due to set off for an 8,000-mile journey to Singapore.

But once en route, the chief pilot says the crew will take things easy.

"The deployment should take approximately five days, and we have a rather a leisurely route down through the Mediterranean, the Middle East and Asia, en route to Singapore," said David Chan, Wing Commander, British Royal Air Force.

Exactly where the planes will be stopping is being kept secret for security reasons.

While more than 600 of these aircraft are on order for Germany, Spain, Italy and the UK - the four countries that built the jet - the Eurofighter has not yet been seen outside of Europe.

This trip will give Britain's Royal Air Force the chance to evaluate it further.

Said Mr Chan: "We've only been operating this aircraft for about six months so we wouldn't normally be undertaking a deployment of this complexity, this early.

"And it's a fantastic opportunity for us to look at and learn about the aircraft's supportability and employability, certainly in hot conditions, and in humid conditions a long way from base."

Singaporean defence officials will be able to compare the Typhoon to two other competitors under consideration as they search for a replacement for the Super Skyhawk, something which its makers find very exciting.

"We think the Typhoon has an excellent export potential worldwide," said BAE Systems' Ian Malin.

"It's been selected by Greece and we have an order from Austria and for Singapore of course, we have been selected into the final phase of the competition from six down to three."

The jet is competing against France's Dassault Rafale and Boeing's F15 Strike Eagle.
July 1st, 2004  
silent driller
If it's competing against the F-15, it MUST be a hoss jet!