DNA blood analyzing, is used to track and control military personnel.

June 11th, 2010  

Topic: DNA blood analyzing, is used to track and control military personnel.

DNA blood analyzing, is used to track and control military personnel.

Military personnel, and any other union; congregation; or source of physical repetition will only describe the containment of bio photon emission signature and further define the divisible solar dilation rate of solar frequency contained in human blood samples.

Solar containment allows a system to isolate a bio-photon union by its scale of selected human blood containing the targeted signature of light frequency dilation ranges.

Blood signature of bio photon emission implicates the common denominator of solar cadence frequency matching the solar dilation rate of human labor such as .military personnel

Bio photon emission control technology and equivalent devices of modern equipment are utilized to track and confine targeted emissions of human dilation.

Bio photon emission control is used to quarantine a targeted group of bio-photon union by its geological solar rate identified in the blood signature.
Human dilation ranges imply size of geological solar network confined to a specified solar impulse for the purpose of tracing and tracking geological bodies of human bio-photon frequency linked to the integration signature of solar frequency contained in a single human D.N.A.blood profile.
Human blood is a geological solar scale monitoring human labor by its continuity of bio photon trait for classifying solar cadence to its solvency rank of human metabolism rate.

D.N.A. blood profile is a laboratory procedure that derives information from a single person's blood signature to analyze the bloods geological bio-photon trait of solar burn off rate.

Solar burn off rate is a biological measuring scale used to Identify a person's bio-photon channels of central light or geological emission strength of divisible solar impulse frequency.

Geological solar impulse frequency is otherwise known as the body's neutron rate of energetic current.

D.N.A. information is used to classify and catalog a person's rank of solar cadence by calculating the body's divisible rate of bio-photon solvency.
Geological denominator of solar dilation signifies the minimum and maximum population of a bio-photon union by its divisible ignition of solar containment.

Bio photon trait is used to calculate the neutron volume of physical light occupancy calibrated in the blood's harness of solar cadence mediation rate.

Bio photon trait is the parametric denominator of the light dilation frequency contained in human blood implicating the blood's element of divisible solar rate.

Bio photon trait is the blood's center most light frequency of the body's solar dilation defining the body's divisible network of geological material settlement.

The body's network of photon emission defines distance to items of divisible material rank by dilation of solar cadence linked to soluble geological equator order.

The body's equator rank, of soluble solar cadence implicates the individual person's bio photon trait.

Viruses and disease are cataloged by strength of divisible bio-photon trait.

The divisible bio-photon trait of virus and disease is used to determine the solvency of solar ignition to identify the solar frequency of cure that will achieve a tolerance of solar dilation linked to the scale of geological equator size.

For example if a virus or disease is classified as a bio photon signal strength by dividend of solar frequency number 30; then the formula is:


30 DIVIDED BY 2 = 15

Parametric seclusion is a formula used to dilate a specified or preferred neutron rate of human metabolism in order to enhance a deliberate bio photon containment center or regulated frequency of solar cadence for producing a 'CURE RATE ' or divisible solvency of neutron transmission by bio photon emission rate of cure potency maintaining soluble ignition to solar frequency.

Neutron monopoly is the convention of bio photon emissions regulated to higher frequencies of divisible neutron resolution by potency of soluble solar ignition

Viruses and disease are then neutralized by bio photon emissions solvent to divisible chain of cure defining potency by rank of soluble solar ignition.

The conversion ratio of neutron is used to quarantine and overthrow the selected bio photon emission scales in order to dominate and control populations of targeted bio photon continuities for the commission to monitor and control geological concentration camps of bio photon hostages.

Geological dilation of solar cadence defines the body's minimum and maximum metabolic burn off rate; implicating the body's blood signature or (DNA SOLAR CHAIN) to its common denominator of divisible solar solvency for inspecting the quantity of soluble human neutron resolution tables.

Common denomination of light frequency. detected in the blood, signifies D.N.A profile to its geological union of solar rank. for identifying the equator network of material settlement to the dividend of physical person.
Solvency of solar burn rate cultivates blood plasma, by extracting human neutrons, and converting them into sex hormones; street drugs and or pharmacy products.

Monitoring devices for geological bio photon migration patterns are tracked with the surveillance of infra red satellite radar; magnetic resonance indicator (MRI); and urine analysis laboratories

Bio photon analysis is used to catalog human viruses and disease; in order to classify susceptible or vulnerable bio photon rates of solar harness; then the statistics of bio photon information is utilized for zoning procedure to the targeted population of 'human' D.NA. signatures selected for employing bio photon sabotage in the process of administering the control to geological concentration camps of bio photon hostages by the current convention of manipulating metabolism unions of solar cadence at large as evident in the pharmaceuticals and street drug pledges of metabolic gridlock and pilfering.

Each specie or physical object of nature is a collective union of solar mediation identifying the power of meta-morphis to correlation of composition; integration; harness; transition; and incubation; for maintaining tables of divisible order to solvency by soluble bio photon frequency.

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