Defense, Tracks and Unknowns

May 27th, 2015  

Topic: Defense, Tracks and Unknowns

It has now been well over 2 years in trying to obtain information specifically from NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) concerning Tracks of Interest and Unknown Tracks. NORAD is not subject to the ATIA (Access to Information Act (Canada) or the US FOIA (Freedom of Information Act). It states in bi national Instructions that they do follow the ďspiritĒ of these acts but there is no legal way of making them product documents or information. Unknown Tracks have many origins some by NORAD own admission could related to Unidentified objects detected it is not a term they use. The Operational Directorate (NJ3), J33 Air Space Management is responsible for tracking reports; it is operated by (NORAD) Canadian personnel, the reports are on a system known as NORAD Enterprise Network, a system not accessible by the US FOIA since it is a non US government system according to USNORTHCOM.

A recent letter from USNORTHCOM (Northern Command) who deals with the US FOIA requests for NORAD records have officially admitted that Unknown Tracks are classified under (b) (1) national security it their entirety, hence tracks are a matter of national security. Yet a release from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) have released Unknown Tracks and Tracks of Interest (which are tracks which have the potential to threaten national security of the North American continent), NORAD is provided by the FAA radar feeds (unfiltered) from their radar systems, hence anything FAA detects NORAD would know about it. Further to this incidents of unknowns reported via the CADOR (Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Reporting System) which is a system linked to the Transport department in Canada, goes to the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) and they pass it to NORAD. The USAF have also official informed me that any unknown objects detected in US airspace is the responsibility of NORAD also. So we have here a entity that isnít subject to the peoples of Alaska, United States, Canada, nor any foreign nationals travelling throughout the North American Continent, so it is a Command that would have full knowledge of any object detected entering the ADIZ (Air Defense Identification Zone) and those detected in the airspaces of North America.

There are many reporting systems in which unknowns are reported in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom, and the terminology used is remarkably similar. The term unidentified object isnít used by the Defence bodies they have other terminology, as mentioned here, so when they say they have no records it is a result of not using the correct terminology. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, acts like a duck, it isnít a duck it is a goose!

Below are samples of records from the RAAF and the FAA: