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November 2nd, 2004  
Cuba may of course have some secret weapons.....but i doubt it
November 3rd, 2004  
Originally Posted by Redneck
I was referring more to the implication that there was institutionalized child prostitution by American businessmen.
Accusations? It came straight out of a former FBI Counter Intelligent Agent's mouth. He was a former teacher in one of my Counter Terrorism courses.
November 4th, 2004  
There is a book on the the entire US Government involment in Cuba from Meyer Lansky's point of view, it's called "Little Man." It discusses all kinds of stuff that the US kept under wraps because they knew and understood it would have been looked badly upon by the international community. It will cover the child prostitution thing, along with a few other topics I'm sure you won't find elsewhere.
November 12th, 2004  
Here is an updated cuban military website. Theres alot of information.

M41 captured by cuban army.
November 13th, 2004  
The threat isn't so much direct action against the US, but against it's allies, especially in the modern era we just entered.... the war against terrorism. Cuba just a couple years back was able to project it's military into Africa as well as South America. Will it every establish wold communism.... not in this century... I doubt if Fidel even gives a damn about that stuff anymore. But he can still do a potential amount of damage via support operations as well as training for certain factions.

But this is for now mere potential but not so far flund with the current leadership downthere in cigarland. What the US and Cuba needs more than anything else is a Just Cause for peace, Fidel has tried it through economic insentive to American bussinessmen, but American's seem a bit apprehensive givin his history. Best if he does and someone with a better track record takes over.

A much more important question.... Is Cuba ready for a lift of the embargos and American tourism, cultural, and ideological views?
November 13th, 2004  
Well, they just banned American Dollers in Cuba and are charging a tax on it I would say no.
November 17th, 2004  
Well I doubt we mind the ban. They're the ones loosing out on the economic side of things. But I don't see them just giving in so easily because there is so much hostility between the two nations. That actually goes for both sides.