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April 3rd, 2010  
MSG Glenn
At this time all of the branches have as many recruits as they need without granting any waivers or offering much in the way of enlistment bonuses. It'll get worse around late May & early June with all the graduates not able to find jobs will come to see the Recruiter. Things like that happen during an economic recession/depression.

That's unfortunate for many as even felons were allowed to enlist in the Army 2 years ago. It seems only the best of physical specimens with squeaky clean records are being allowed to enlist. Things might change in the future.
July 22nd, 2010  

Topic: well

i also in a situation because i have 2 misd. offenses of possession. witch happen two years ago since then i have stayed out of trouble i went back to school i am in college right now and i work and i have a child witch is a big responsability. i just want to know if i can be able to enlist i also have stayed away from those bad influences i used to hang out with. if any one can help me i would be appreciate the help . especially if you are a recruiter

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