Which country threats your nation's security in the future - Page 7

October 14th, 2004  
Do you think because you spent a little time in China your an expert? I suggest you shut the hell up and show some respect for others opinions. This is a forum to discuss, if you think you know everthing go write a book.
October 14th, 2004  
It's true China has had some reforms, and hopefully they will continue to do so and help veer away from their terrible past form of government.

But China is still majority controlled by the communist/military aspects, at least to my knowledge.

But it's mighty hard for me to believe that China is now some compassionate nation who doesn't retain communistic ways.

And true, communism has never really been achieved, but it is now infamous for it's harsh brutal dictorial ways, and usually military aggression, if by bluff alone.

Their stance on Taiwan is a good example.

And Big Z is right, you can disagree with someone, even recognize they have lesser education on it, but at least have enough class to be respectful.
October 14th, 2004  
For my country it would be China and maybe Malaysia, or Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, even tiny Brunei! that's what we get for letting the son sof bitches in the Philippine Military and goverment steal all the funds for our military modernization!

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