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No, the US Navy would stop any invasion fleet before they arrived. 20 34.48%
Yes, long drawn out battle. 12 20.69%
Yes, short, quick knock out victory. 6 10.34%
No, the US Army would throw any invasion back into the sea. 6 10.34%
No, the US would eventually win a long drawn out victory. 14 24.14%
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August 16th, 2004  
I think it would have been a stale mate neither counrty could have mantained an invasion of the other for any period of time. Maybe the A bomb may have turned it in the US favour but they still had to get it there.
August 16th, 2004  
I think it really depends on what Hitler would of had the Kriegsmarine do, and if that service would have replaced the Army as Germany's most dominant force.
August 16th, 2004  
I believe it would be a stalemate. America wouldn't have the training to defeat germany in Europe and the Americans would fight like maniacs to keep the Germans off American shores. Having a million+ men on our east coast would be pretty much impossible to break through.
August 16th, 2004  
One thing is for certain, whoever you feel wins is going to have to make the most ambitious amphibious assault immaginable -- one to make D-Day look like a children's training exercise. I also believe that the USA would see the potential of a Canada landing site and would take steps to stop it.
August 16th, 2004  
Either way it would take years before Hitler could reasonably plan an assault on the US, without the Soviet Union Hitler could not hope to match America's industrial output within 20 years, and even then it would take years to rebuild the damaged factories, and Britain would definetly have started using gas on the Germans when they invaded and the British to would have fought like maniacs, while Britain is a small country they would have fought like hell to defend every inch of it, millions of Germans would probably be wounded in an invasion with the death toll in the Hundreds of Thousands. And Hitler would need to build the Carriers to use in an invasion of the US, along with the transports, battleships and destroyers for coastal bombardment, and a true carrier borne plane would need to be developed. So either way it would be years before Germany could hope to invade the US, something like 1955 at the earliest, and that is assuming that we were not already in a war with Japan, which was doomed to happen after we cut off their oil supplies, we may have been able to defeat them before Germany was able to defeat the UK and then focus it's attention on the US.

No, in my opinion the Germans would get their asses handed to them on a silver platter, and once we defeated the Kriegsmarine it would only be a matter of time before we planned an assault in Europe, starting with Britain, and then France, Britain, and the rest of Europe would truly have to admit that we pulled their asses out of the fire, unlike now where we can speculate that Germany might have been defeated without the US, which is in my opinion BS, the only reason the Soviets won the race to Berlin was because Hitler pulled troops off of the eastern front to face the allies in France, his theory being that it was 2500 miles to Moscow and only 500 miles to Paris, he would last longer by fighting the Allies in France with heavier forces than by fighting the Soviets with a majority of his military.
August 16th, 2004  
Young Winston
No, the Atlantic Ocean would have saved the US's bacon.

The Germans in 1940 were incapable of breaching the English Channel (and weren't really interested either!) let alone the Atlantic.

If the US met the Germans in a fair and square land war in 1940/1941 it would have been embarrassing for the US of A. Fortunately for the world the US had until 1943 to tackle them.
August 16th, 2004  
Of course the Atlantic Ocean is the problem no matter which way it goes. Its one thing to do Operation Overlord pushing off from Britain. Moving the necessary invasion fleet across an entire ocean? That's why I'm leaning toward stalemate, the capacity to launch that level of an invasion force over such an expanse of water is mindboggling. The US would not have a decent opportunity to adapt to the German Blitzkrieg, the Germans couldn't possibly keep up with the US wartime production. Germany would most certainly take Africa, there'd really be no stopping that. If the US is at war with Japan at the time (very likely), it would certainly divert some of that overwhelming wartime production ... it just isn't enough to win for Germany.

What happens with the USSR is the deciding factor, I'm convinced of that.
August 16th, 2004  
Like I said you just cant land an invasion force like trhat. No side would be able to win.
August 16th, 2004  
Mark Conley
gee..we might need a clarification of the time period for this answer...

I am assuming that the time period is 1940...right after the fall of france, the english have just left dunkirk..and the majority of the US Fleet is still intact at Pearl Harbor with no japaneese that correct Damien?

IF so...germany still has a sizable fleet...submarines, merchant raiders, battleships and such.

It has a still sizable fleet of liners that could be converted for troop usage and transport.

And there is still a sizable bundist movement in the US to act as a fifth colum in the US.

And yes, it has a non agression pact (NAP) with russia...which also has a sizable fifth colum in the US.

And the Japanesse aint on the scene...yet.

Good question. confirm the above conditions please.

August 17th, 2004  
During WWII they often said that Berlin was the most heavily defended place on earth, well if Germay overran Britain I believe that the Eastern Seaboard would become the most heavily defended place on earth.