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June 1st, 2005  
Duty Honor Country

Topic: Close Combat Badge

Here it is, the non combat MOS combat award. This is given to any non infantry mos who has taken enemy fire. Like the Marine close combat badge, recipients do not have to return fire. They only have to perform "honorably."


Since I serve with the infantry, I know they are laughing their butts off at this badge. A word of advice is do not wear this badge if you work with infantry on a regular basis. You will not hear the end of it.

With that said that do you all think about the Close Combat Badge?

June 2nd, 2005  
A Can of Man
If you end up doing infantry work, why don't you just get a CIB regardless of MOS?
June 2nd, 2005  
Well.. I guess it's quite honorable in some way if your MOS is not infantry but you still get fired upon like a grunt. I just can't understand why you would give this sorta thing to Infantry, they do grunt work everyday-- which is most likely why it's simply laughable to be wearing it around with your platoon.
June 2nd, 2005  
I think the badge is long over due. They have a badge for everything else, why not this?

June 2nd, 2005  
A Can of Man
I think if you get shot at, the medal should be the same whether your MOS is infantry or supply.
June 2nd, 2005  
Originally Posted by the_13th_redneck
I think if you get shot at, the medal should be the same whether your MOS is infantry or supply.
Sorry, 13th it just doesn't work that way. The CIB is an infantry only badge. If you're a cook and someone takes a potshot at your stove pipe, you don't qualifly for a CIB.
To get a CIB, you must have spent at least 30 days in a combat zone and in an infantry unit and as an infantryman. It's not awarded because just because you get shot at while strolling to the latrine either.
IMO, this new award would be better served if it had some time element involved and/or if it was more MOS specific.
To me an award like this should something to be earned by time and effort. There are MOSs other than infantry, that certainly deserve an award for performing their duties in a combat area. Maybe each would be better served with their own MOS specific combat badge provided they met the 30 days service in a combat area criteria.
Maybe it seems that I am over-reacting to this but I don't think so. In any event, this new award will never be considered on a par with the CIB.
I wonder how an artilleryman, for example, who was been in a combat area for at least 30 days and has been repeatedly fired upon feels about this award being given to some remf who gets shot at once back at HQ. Should they both get the same award? I would think not, but I'd like to hear it from other MOSs.
June 2nd, 2005  
No dog in this fight but I'll give my opinion anyway :P

I understand my Army counterparts in the Infantry hold the Combat Infantry Badge in the highest of regard and well they should, it has a proud history and that should be maintained. I don't see this new CCB as a badge on par with the CIB.

However in light of the current conflicts maybe there is a need for another badge within the army. I don't know. I tend to like the Marine Corps/Navy Combat Action Ribbon concept.

And I really don't like the design.......U G L Y.
June 2nd, 2005  
Well 03USMC, I found this quote.
The new badge will be the equivalent of the Army’s Combat Infantry Badge, which was created in 1943.

Then there's this from Rumsfeld.
One question in particular caught my eye — a question from a female MP soldier regarding the Close Combat Badge the Army plans to unveil at some point in the near future. Despite interest on Capitol Hill into this very issue, Secretary Rumsfeld deflected the question to Lt. Gen. David Barno, the senior U.S. commander and senior Army officer in Afghanistan. Here's the transcript:

QUESTION: Specialist Imael [sp.] from 133rd Airborne.

I’m wondering why our MPs aren't considered for the close-combat patch?

RUMSFELD: You're wondering what?

QUESTION: Why MPs aren't considered for the close-combat patch.

RUMSFELD: What's the answer?

BARNO: Our Army leadership's decision was that the close combat badge would only be for those units that were designated to fight as infantry, in other words they were retrained to be full-time infantrymen instead of being artillerymen or engineers.

BARNO: So that initially has not been extended any beyond field artillery, armor, engineers, the general combat arms. That's the current set of the decision at least.

RUMSFELD: But General Barno, she didn't ask what the decision was. She asked why that was the decision. [Laughter].

BARNO: You guys have got to realize that I get to do this with the Secretary every two weeks and we get lots of tough questions like that. [Laughter].

RUMSFELD: Last question. Make it an easy one. I've had a long day. I started in Baku.

I wonder what the truth is.
June 2nd, 2005  

Topic: CCB Replaced by CAB

Well after some searching I found that the CCB has been replaced already! It's replacement is call the Combat Action Badge (CAB).
Here's part of an article from Stars & Stripes:

By Lisa Burgess
Stars and Stripes Mideast edition

ARLINGTON, Va. — The “Close Combat Badge,” a controversial Army award created for soldiers with “combat” in their official job description, is dead.

In its place is a new “Combat Action Badge” or CAB, and its criteria is simple:

You are an American soldier assigned to a combat zone.

The bullets start to fly.

You fight back, as you were trained to do.
June 2nd, 2005  
Whispering Death
I'm not up on all the millitary badges so I'm just going to throw my .02 into the ring theoretically.

I think there should be a badge like this mostly for support troops. Of course the infantry and other front line troops are only trained to fight but for a medic or a mechanic or whatever other MOS have you, actually fighting in a battle is something worth of commendation... certainly not medal of honor or anything just for shooting back but a small commendation like this is a good idea. Basically saying "this man has been through the test of combat and passed."