Clausewitz, Jomini; a few thoughts

August 22nd, 2008  

Topic: Clausewitz, Jomini; a few thoughts

I've been reading Clausewitz and Jomiini lately and wondering what their take would have been on current US Ops, these are my tjhoughts.

Clausewitz, nor Jomini would have supported an operation such as Iraqi Freedom. Clausewitz does make several references to war as being an extension of political policy and he does advocate political control of the military and you do know that the US Army is a Clausewitzian organization despite the fact that we do show Jomini - like tendencies. That is: the Army's reliance on mass, offensive, maneuver and economy of force, the first four divisions of his "Fundamental Principle" The adaptations to the non-linear battlefield started too slow but they are now at a pace that is commensurate with the changing face of the battlefield. With the new modular force in place and too many technological advancements to name (many already fielded) our Army and Marine Corps are now finally making progress in the difficult assymetrical environment of Iraq, not so much Afghanistan, but that's another discussion. The average Joe Schmo will claim that the surge has brought greater stability but that only plays a small part as I would like to think that our Army has become adaptive and it is seen in the Battalion Commanders, the Platoon Leaders and even the Squad Leaders who govern their soldiers on a daily basis as they instill in their soldiers the resolute spirit of victory.

I know that last part sounds like something out of official US Army doctrine.

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