China's Serious Environment Problem---who is china's the most dangerous enemy?

May 7th, 2013  

Topic: China's Serious Environment Problem---who is china's the most dangerous enemy?

The economic progress made in China comes at the expense of the pollution of environment. The industry economy grows quickly; but pollution becomes more serious. Unfortunately, the great majority of people here are insensitive to the pollution.

China is imitating the West's high pattern of consumerism. Chinese people hope to own private car, motorcycle, and big house. consuming large power source as western nations. The Chinese government is making effort to realize this aim. China is producing a large amount of cars and motorcycles, cement steel and brick, exploiting many coal mines, ore mines and oil field, And building large multi-story buildings and highway, enlarging blindly more and more land area of cities and towns. Large area of lands are damaged by the exploitation of natural resources.(more than two hundred thousand square kilometers of farmland are damaged by building industry and Mining industry in china nearly two decades.)

Car and motorcycle are increasing greatly. The population in China is multitudinous "1500000000", which is five times of the population of the US. China is short of cultivated land. In spite of this case,the Chinese government is developing the private car industry greatly. The construction of new highway will take up large areas of land. Traffic accidents increase greatly. In 2003 200,000 people died in traffic accidents in China.

Building development is in confusion. Building technique is primitive and large amounts of materials are consumed. China poured 50% of the world's cement and steel, Building a house will consume more cement steel and brick in China than the western nations. But these houses make little use of insulation letting heat flow out in the winter and letting the heat in during the hot summer months. House repairs are more difficult, too. Chinese concern beauty of own house very much, but chinese don't concern about environment round the house. They spend large money on their own house,but they are stingy in spending money on the environment around their house.

Garbage removal is primitive. Chinese don't know the classification of garbage. Waste plastic bags are visible everywhere. The Chinese people like to use plastic bags and batteries just once and then throw them away. Governments pay great attention to beauty of city., spending much money on the apperance of city. But they pay little attention to garbage classification. Large amounts of garbage are made by large consumption.

River is polluted by chemical fertilizer,pesticide,herbicides,chemical synthetic detergent(washing powders),industry waste water,human excrement and urine,garbage. Waste water, excrement and urine flow directly into river without any treatment. Most of rivers in china are unsuitable for drinking. Many chinese people are harmed by drinking water in polluted river.

Education in protecting environment is blank. People are lack of understanding and concept of protecting the environment. Chinese people are poor, but they are not frugal. Chinese are concerned about the beauty of house but don't concerned about the beauty of the environment. Chinese are concerned about their own health but don't care about environmental health. They like to inject and swallow more medicines,eat more wild animals, but they don't realize that the polluted food, water and air are threatening their health greatly.

The population in China is multitudinous, 1.4 billion people, over five times the population of the US. China is short of cultivated land.The actual situation demands that China doesn't imitate the west's high consumption. China should develop electronic information consumption,develop economizing energy industries. If not, the Chinese would ruin their own environment,in further more, affect the global environment.

The Chinese don't realize that pollution is their most dangerous enemy..

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May 7th, 2013  
the Western nation including The U.S and. Japan is helping china to detroy the earth,the Western nation help china in making large cars,the US export large grain Soybean into china,The grain export to china Encourage china to destroy theirself large Agricultural land actually
May 7th, 2013  

Topic: The earth is our mother

The people of the world should unite against pollution and destruction of the earth nature, Some countries are doing something but big countries like the USA ad China are doing little. It is hard for a demoracy like the USA as gvernmentsare elected for a short fixed term. Often the oppposition controls one House of Parliament preventinglegislation getting through. I hope Obalma will do something as he promise about Climate change. But we will have to wait and see if congress pass the legislation. Voters do not think about the distant future so it is easily for politicians to ignore this for short term gain. But unless we have some short term pain we can not fix the problem.
May 8th, 2013  
Welcome to the industrialized world.
May 9th, 2013  
Cancer Treatment: Helpful or Harmful? ----the human immunity is important in against disease

Cancer is a malignant tumour,not a benign is an incurable disease; the patient moves towards the death finally like the rotten tree. Medical treatment in cancer is only a blind experiment. It can't prolong the patient's life. It is harmful to the human body and accelerates the patient's death instead.

Cancer is formed when the mutant cell reproduces greatly. The latest views suggest that cancer cells produce all the time in human life. Usually it hasn't enough time to reproduce before it be killed by the human body's immune system. However, if the human immune system is weak the cancer cells reproduce rapidly and the cancer tumor forms. For example a country, if its military strength is very weak a rebel insurgency can develop rapidly and overthrow its government.

At present treatment to cancer included: The operation(cuting the body parts), medicine chemotherapy, Radiotherapy(radioactive rays), and the traditional Chinese medicine with superstition color. Operaton chemotherapy and radiotherapy is a harmful treatment.while it works to kill cancer cells,it also unfortunately kill many healthy cells. They can't remove the cancer tumor, but destroy the human body greatly. This harmful treatment reduces the immune function of the human further, creating more opportunity for the cancer tumor's reproduction . And the traditional Chinese medicine comfort patient by psychology. It is harmful to the human body to take the traditional Chinese medicine in a large amount.

It is important to strengthen our body's immune system. Polluted food, water and air are harmful to our immunity and all fountion in our body.protecting environment is to protect our health. A fine natual environment free of pollution is the best precaution against cancer,and the best treatment to prolong the cancer patient's life.

The above is my personal view, of course, individual genetic factors in the incidence of cancer is also a significant component. Some low-grade tumors or between malignant and benign tumors , as the majority of breast cancer patients still have a long life
---------- Can HIV be cured by human? cancer is similar to HIV ---------
------Uncontrolled Willful wanton manufacturing and Willful wanton consuming is the malignant tumor of the earth,------
May 26th, 2013  
The USA is not the enemy, the Chinese government needs to study what has been done in the USA to reduce pollution and clean up . Having a nice house, driving a Mercedes won't mean much if your air and water are poison and your food is tainted. Cleaning up China will be a huge job as was it in the USA. It sounds like you, chenyu, understand. Greedy politicians are the enemy, you and millions more of your countrymen need to demand the government act.

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