CAP shout outs - Page 16

September 16th, 2006  
Is this forum pretty much dead? There are no cadets posting anymore!
September 17th, 2006  
It would seem like that.
September 21st, 2006  
It is a shame. We used to have plenty of people. I think the problem is the change to the new format. I think that in the past half a year I only posted 10 times because the format is not very user friendly. Lets bring back the old format!
September 22nd, 2006  
I don't find the format that much different, to be honest. I think it's that there's just a major lack of interest from the Cadets.

At least that's what it seems to be coming across as.
September 23rd, 2006  
C/2nd Lt Robot
Have no fear, one cadet has returned. Mainly because it's a great place to learn about past US wars; seeing the AP testmakers don't care about us knowing about how the wars were fought.
September 29th, 2006  
yey! that makes two CAPers!
October 2nd, 2006  
I'm here 2! But hte topics are i dont post.
October 10th, 2006  
truly sad. I used to have this as my main forum. Now I am a CSer...
February 21st, 2010  
Wood Field Composite Squadron, CAP!
September 23rd, 2012  
yo shoutout to my CAP bros and sis