"I Can Only Pray"

February 23rd, 2004  

Topic: "I Can Only Pray"

I think that no one ever read about that Sweden is cutting down hard on the swedish military. Though, I ask myself the question, is it worth it? Not that we have any enemies or threath. But what would we do the day something WOULD happen. Terrorism can't always be predicted, and the cause isn't always known. The fun thing in this is that in a 10-years period the swedish army have went from having 45000 people joining up to now 18000 a year.

Though, they have right toughts about looking for the best of the best and to pick the bad ones out. But who say that those who want to join up because they are interested is not the best? I know many people disagree with that question. But doesn'tthe will of doing something create a part of being good at something?

I have wanted to join the sweidsh military a LONG while back.. Can't remember exactly when but I can assure you that I was only a child at that age.

Though, It's allowed to women to join up and get advanced in the military. Wich I love for that part. Women should have the exactly the same right s as men. Since 1980 the swedish army have allowed women to recruit but at the start they had the right to do only parts of the army and not do any jobs who the officers saw as "unfitting" for a woman.

But since 1989 the swedish army let the women get advacned in the army and they could do every part that a man could do. If they could reach up to the same tests as the men did. There was no easy way for women to work in the army. And the army isn't a playground, it's a duty.

But anyways, the thing is that I am concerned abuot Sweden and it's own safety. I won't lie, I am really concerned. Though we seem to be "safe" without having any enemies or threaths aganist us. But we couldn't even protect our swedish foreignminister Anna Lindh from the crazy guy stabbing her in the stomach and she died short after the stab. The same goes for our prime minister back in the time - Olof Palme. He got shot on the open streets.

And the even funnier thing, our security police, wich should be compared to the CIA. Now SÄPO (as it is called) couldn't even prevent our King to get a damn cake in the face back in our days. And I mean, He got the cake in the face and such. But what if it would be some hostile man not far away from him that would actually point a gun without showing the gun. Where is our security?

And now a days, when we youths wan't to change that, we can even try to join up, because not many people who apply to the swedish army get's recruited. So how do we change the safety if sweden won't let us?

I don't get it.. But maybe someone who knows a little better then me on this part will. Though, a part of me cries, because I won't let my country who have fed me and raised me, fall apart. But how can I prevent something I don't even have the right to change it?

How will I know make those ministers hear my plea of letting me serve my country and do what's right. Will we let the terrorism and other things rule here in Sweden? And the even more concerning is the swedish police who use violence as a fun thing to do with people who is angry about Sweden's situation.

I can just pray for the times to change.. I can just pray for Sweden looking up at the US and see the military over there as a rolemodel.

I can only pray..

February 24th, 2004  
Animal Mother
Just one comment.

Dont blame the security for the murders on Palme and Lindh, both had declined security at the time they where murdered. Had security been around i think at least Anna Lindh would still be alive today.

And when you talk about cutbacks, it seems to be a common disease, we got it here in Norway as well. Been talks of cutting the army down to one brigade...
February 24th, 2004  
Originally Posted by Animal Mother
And when you talk about cutbacks, it seems to be a common disease, we got it here in Norway as well. Been talks of cutting the army down to one brigade...
Don't tell me about it...
It's the new Scandinavian disease....
Anyone who has a cure??
Mabe a real small scale border war could help..
(with no casualties of course)
February 24th, 2004  
It's not healthy for the country to cut that Army in and making it smaller if I would say it myself. And it's not definatly healthy for Sweden or any other country who is doing it to stand there without a defence.

And for the security, I know what you mean Animal Mother. But there shouldn't have been ANY option to wether to have a security or not. They are exploted and are in that position where they political thoughts can become a irritating problem for someone else. Mostly people are cicilized and can understand what the ministers are saying. But some people don't have that way of drawing a line of how you act.
February 24th, 2004  
Unfortunatly Europe is very vulnerable to terrorist attacks dou to laxed security and things like this.
February 24th, 2004  

Topic: OK

Just so toull know, security can be waved by ministers in Israel two. Our Tourisem minster waved his security 2 years ago. carried an UZI SMG around inseted of body guards. Then the PLO ambushed him in a hotel and killed him.
February 24th, 2004  
I think I have to move.

Seriosuly, I can't say I feel safe about living in Sweden. Should people even feel that way living in their own country?
February 25th, 2004  
No, people should be able to live without worring about dying because the nation's secruity is weak
March 10th, 2004  
I don't quite understand this. Even if Sweden had a large army, the foreign minister might still be murdered, and the king "pied," because, after all, you don't use troops to protect public figures--you use detectives and police. Several divisions stationed in military bases would not make any difference, would it?

As a military historian I am sorry to see the great military traditions of some countries disappear. But the days of Charles XII are long gone, and you can't really blame a nation that faces no actual threat for not spending a fortune on a large army, can you?

The USA has a large military, but, believe me, you are far safer living in Sweden than you would be in a great many US cities! I wouldn't move if I were you.
March 10th, 2004  
Sure you are. This whole "crime is so rampant in the U.S." attitude kind of gets on my nerves, in ANY city in the world you will encounter crime, the larger the city, the more crime occurs, it's a question of numbers (more people in a certain area=more criminals). One of my buddies went to Europe and was mugged at knife point in Germany and again (with a guy wielding a brick this time) in Rome. As for my own experience, while I was in Italy, I caught three attempted pickpockets (hard to steal a wallet out of a pair of Wranglers without the wearer realizing something's going on ), and who knows how many more tried and gave up, and some halfwit tried to mug me in Florence, but I couldn't understand what he was saying (thought he was trying to sell me something ) and he gave up when I walked away.
Aside from out and out fights with no other criminal motive (i.e. robbery), I have NEVER had anyone even attempt to make me the victim of a violent crime in the United States, and I have been in every state in the Union and have spent time in many of the major cities (Chicago, New York, L.A., San Fransisco, Las Vegas).