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March 13th, 2004  
Ok, first of all, what the heck do you mean by wanting to see more ground combat? You'd like to see more of our troops in danger than is neccesary? All these new weapons systems we spend billions developing are intended to STOP our servicemen from being placed in harm's way any more than is absolutely needed. We don't need to put boots on the ground to do a job a cruise missile or an Air Force bomber can just as easily do with no loss of American lives.

And in the same vein, these "bombs blowing up innocent people" are becoming a thing of the past, I believe that 90% (if someone has the exact figure, please let me know) of the bombs we dropped in Iraq were "smart" weapons.
No I don't mean seeing more soldiers dying, but I just don't feel to safe knowing many countries have nuclear capabilities... that could just end the world.
March 14th, 2004  

Topic: same

I feel the same way. But how do other countries get the schematics and plan to get or build one. This will cause total destruction in the years to come.
March 15th, 2004  
Heck, the plans are easy: it's getting the weapons grade radioactives that is hard. And any country with a nuclear reactor can do that. I wouldn't worry about it: I mean, we've all seen "Mad Max", so we're prepared! I've got my camaro, sawed off shotgun, and leather pants. I'm set! Besides, If there's ever a nuclear war, just grab Bruce Willis and drag him over you. He WILL shield you from the nuclear blast.
March 17th, 2004  
March 23rd, 2004  
not at al
April 1st, 2004  

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Getting schematics for the scariest man in the world is easy. All u need is money. Money gets u anything and everything for a price. Thats y gov't has to watch and keep tarck of all people.