Bad Military Leaders

July 25th, 2004  
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Topic: Bad Military Leaders

Everyone who has been in the military has had a leader that takes the cake when it comes to bad leadership. I want to see how bad some of these dirt bags are.

My squad leader in Iraq is a prime example of what not to do as an NCO. He looked after himself first and everyone else second. Before the War, he screwed my squad out of the internet. Camp Arifjan had a bomb threat and the internet cafe was shut down. He had found out that you could go down to operations late at night and use the www. Somehow he forgot to tell his soldiers. Hmmm, look out for the welfare of your soldiers went out the window. Then the war started. Does anyone remember that big ass sand storm around the 4th day of Operation Iraqi Freedom? Well, my squad was on perimeter guard and I went to get an MRE out of my truck. I walked by my squad leaders truck and he was sitting in it reading on of his SF books. I guess he figured he could chill out in his truck while his squad sucked it up in the sand storm. He has been known to wake everyone up for guard duty and then go back to sleep. At the Euphrates River, he was asked to clear out some bunkers. He refused and my buddy who was a medic volunteered to cleared them with his 9mm. His last insult to me was while we were cleaning our equipment to get out of the Middle East. A sand storm kicked up as we were finishing up. Our ride pulled up and behold my squad leader was the first to get on. I thought he must have had something important to do back at the tent. After spending 20 minutes in the blowing sand, I saw his only reason for going back was to get on the internet. Man I was pissed. This man is a piss poor NCO

He and I did not get along at all, but somehow I got a decent NCOER.

I know people have some horror stories about leaders...lets hear em
July 26th, 2004  
Well I will continue the Iraq Theme.

I was attached to a naval unit as a Marine. Our primary mission was to locate classify map identify and neutrilize Naval Mines in the Iraqi ports we toured. My Plt OIC was a Naval Sub mariner. That right there tells you let the fun begin. AS my Unit is made up of Marine Recon, Navy Seals and Navy EOD this guy was way out of his element having normal light on him and being on land. We went ashore 9 hours after the war started and landed in the Port of UMM QASR via Helo In standard military fashion we hit the deck running and formed a defensive position for the next few helo lifts to land in. As I was moving troops around I heard one of my buddies instructing my LT to move further out and expand the perimeter to which he gave this reply. SSgt. I am not supposed to be here I am just a Submarine guy I cant go out there. The reply from my buddy was priceless. Sir!! see that guy over there he is a Navy Seal see that guy over there he is a Recon Marine. They will help you if you have trouble. But SSgt. I am just an Officer. Reply Your a F**king Officer with a weapon get your ass out there and if anyone comes from that direction shoot at them!! end of story the fearless LT went and hid in a warehouse with our Medical team. who was setting up a triage to take on battle wounded from the British forces attempting to land at the Al Faw pennisula.