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Army vs. Marine joke
October 21st, 2012  
Army vs. Marine joke
Originally Posted by SgtMaj1972
To rustan... I been in the Marines since 1990 and after being in for 22 years I can tell you that we do have all those school. Your just getting all mad and making **** up. We do have air school we do have spec ops, and we do have winter warfare school so that whole post is nonsence.
If your airborne school just happens to be just off Sand Hill too thats just a coincidence right? LOL
Recon is Recon, they use Ranger and SF schools/tactics for their doctrine, thats what he was saying. We don't hate on the Marines for wanting good training, their support structure is the smallest in comparison to everyone but the CG so there have to be some compromises *shrugs* thats just how it works if you feel the need to throw accusations around maybe you should take that LCPL-4-Life attitude and go beat your boots?

Back on Topic:

A Marine goes into an airport bathroom on his way home on leave. When he walks in a little boy notices him and stares in awe at the Marine standing in his dress uniform. The little boy says, "Gee sir, are you a Marine?" The marine says, "Yes little boy, would you like to wear my hat?" The little boy says "Yes Sir, that would be just great" so the Marine hands the little feller his hat.

A minute or two later a Ranger enters the bathroom and the little boy, awe struck once more, says, "Gee Sir, are you an Airborne Ranger?" The Ranger smiles and says, "Yes son I sure am, why, do you want to suck my dick?" The little boy says, "Oh no sir, I am not a Marine, I'm just wearing his hat!"