Army Officer sash identification

June 25th, 2014  

Topic: Army Officer sash identification
Can anyone in the Forum tell me what's the Sash this Army Officer (Army Transportation Corps) is wearing. Thank you
This is my first post. Hello everybody
July 7th, 2014  
Remington 1858
I have been out of the U.S Army for some time, but as I remember the wearing of sashes was not a U.S. Army practice except for drum majors. Since this American officer is present as a guest at the trooping of the colors I suggest that the sash is an honorary British honor. I have looked up the colors of the various British corps ( Royal Logistics, R.E.M.E) that would be the counterpart to the U.S. Army Transportation Corp and there is no match. I would suggest that only a British member might have the answer to this puzzle.

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