1992 Implosion of the Soviet Union.

March 4th, 2014  

Topic: 1992 Implosion of the Soviet Union.

Sometimes I often wonder that during the collapse of the USSR, if one of the worst episodes of modern civilization was truly adverted and maybe if our world today, even with it's serious problems ain't such a bad place to be.

Now I know I may seem bleeding heart to many, but during my life at least I never feel we should ever under any circumstance stop trying to secure a better future for the generations after us.

One such occasion may have been when the Soviet Super Power collapsed at the end of the Cold War.

One thing that crosses my mind is, what if? All the enthinic and social differences of the vast Soviet Empire and Populace ended in turmoil when the country collapsed?

What if nationalists, racists and hard line communists all fought with violence to secure the bits and scraps of the failed social experiment? What if many tribes and groups of the vast populaces of the USSR finally reaching a boiling point on differences centuries old?

Mass genocide and blurred borders such as in Yugoslavia occurring all over the former Soviet Republics. NATO, expecting a war of tanks and planes is appalled by this social destruction as dozens of ex Soviet states fall into the depravity brought on by in some cases 60 years of failed social engineering. Tensions and memories of brutality and oppression over many Satelite states dating back to the Stalinist era finally boiling over.

What if Chechnya styled brush wars plagued the borders of the old Empire? And more importantly in our timeline what stopped this?

And if this had happened, what could the U.S. do? Would a NATO intervention be worth it? Would the Nuclear Stockpile of the Soviet Union be scattered by who got it first? Would an American humanitarian or military response garner a nuclear attack against American soil?

And lastly, especially to any members who grew up in the Soviet Sphere of Influence, such as East Germany or the USSR Proper, what happened to you the day the borders got redrawn? And what prevented this potential catastrophe from happening? Afghanistan with super power weapons in the first world?

Just a thought I have been wondering about for a very long time...

March 4th, 2014  
The same is happening in Africa, ever since they achieved independence various tribes have been murdering each other so much so, its almost become a national sport.
March 7th, 2014  
People quickly adapt to changing situations. After the fall of the "wall" many East Germans got work in West Germany. One company was building a new road close to our Nato base. The East Germans worked like crazy and within a short period of time the truck had to leave to get new supplies. The East Germans wanted to change clothes and go home and the supervisor asked them what they were doing. They said the job was finished for today so they go home. The supervisor said they had to wait untill the truck came back with new supplies. The East Germans were very surprised. The truck comes back with new supplies? Yes said the supervisor. As many times as is necessary. They said that in East Germany they only got one truck a day and when the supplies were used up they went home. They didn't work like crazy anymore when the truck arrived with new supplies.

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