13 days 22 hour 26 minutes till I leave for Boot Camp!!

September 28th, 2004  

Topic: 13 days 22 hour 26 minutes till I leave for Boot Camp!!

The Title Says it all doesn't it!!!!!

Army here I come!!!!!

Things running through my mind right now

Good -

1) Im about to embark on somthing that will change my life forever!
2) Gonna get into some seriously good shape!!!
3) Finnally Getting out of my house!!!! at 19!!!!!
4) All my Muscels hurt from PTing with my Recruiter!!!!
5) Gonna make some Life Long Friends!!!

Bad -

1) I'm about to leave the only girl I've ever loved evan though were broke up Im still gonna miss seeing her face at church every time!
2) Kinda scared but excited at the same time!
3) Really number 1 is the only one that buggs me I know im gonna come back and shes gonna be married or somthing ~ow~.
4) Well I guess thats it!
September 28th, 2004  
Good luck big fella. Dont worry about the girl you will meet plenty on your travels in the future. Listen to what you are told as one day it may save your life.

So again good luck.
September 28th, 2004  
Just hang in there and try not to worry about things. Remember the good points you wrote out and those will help you bypass all the bad ones.
September 28th, 2004  
Good luck man. And don't worry about it. You'll find another one.