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Xenophon Quotes

“The art of war is, in the last result, the art of keeping one’s freedom of action”
– Xenophon, Greek historian, soldier and mercenary (c. 430-355 BC)

“I am sure that there are young men who can be filled with enthusiasm for serving in the cavalry if one describes the splendor of a cavalryman’s life”
– Xenophon, Greek historian (c. 430-355 BC)

“Men who think that their officer recognizes them are keener to be seen doing something honorable and more desirous of avoiding disgrace.”
– Xenophon

“Pleasure is what nearly all cavalry training involves. It is the closest a man can get, as far as I know, to flying, and that is something people long to be able to do.”
– Xenophon, on How to be a Good Cavalry Commander

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