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N: Lord Nelson – Alfred Nobel Military Quotes and Quotations

“Our country will, I believe, sooner forgive an officer for attacking an enemy than for letting him alone”
– Admiral Viscount Nelson, May 1794. During the attack on Bastin
Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson (1758 – 1805), British naval commander in the wars with Revolutionary and Napoleonic France

“Had we taken ten sails, and let the eleventh to escape, being able to get at her, I could never have called it well done.”
– Admiral Viscount Nelson

“Get up and get moving. Follow me!”
– Major-General Aubrey S. Newman, 20 October 1944.
During the landings of his regiment (of 24th Infantry Division), in the Philippines.

“I stand at the altar of murdered men, and while I live I fight their cause!”
– Florence Nightingale, in a letter august 1856

“It is the function of the Navy to carry the war to the enemy so that it will not be fought on U.S. soil.”
– Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet

“Among the men who fought on Iwo Jima, uncommon valor was a common virtue.”
– Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz (March 16, 1945)

“The best that science can devise and that naval organization can provide must be regarded only as an aid, and never as a substitute for good seamanship.”
– Chester W. Nimitz

“I have just taken on a great responsibility. I will do my utmost to meet it.”
– Chester W. Nimitz

“Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster…for when you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”
– Friedrich Nietzsche

“The bastards have never been bombed like they’re going to be bombed this time.”
– Richard M. Nixon, during the 1972 North Vietnamese Easter Offensive

“A riot is a spontaneous outburst. A war is subject to advance planning.”
– Richard M. Nixon

“Perhaps my dynamite plants will put an end to war sooner than your [pacifist] congresses. On the day two army corps can annihilate each other in one second all civilized nations will recoil from war in horror.”
– Alfred Nobel

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